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Sociology is one of the main subjects of the discipline of Humanities or Arts. Students generally opt this as a core subject or as an elective during the course of their academic studies at School level or College level diploma or degree courses. Prima Facie, Sociology is about the analysis and study of the developed or developing past and contemporary social networks, social relationships, social classes & groups, social stratifications through the  recorded Human History and various Human civilisations. Interdependencies of sociology with other disciplines, viz., political studies, economics, business studies, commerce, science, engineering, commerce, accountancy and others are deeply perused during the course of the delivery. Various social institutions like, Family, Marriage, Kinships are widely discussed. Social systems within rural and urban human systems are analysed with stress upon historical and contemporary aspects. Perspectives of Sociology from Western societies and Indian Societies are touched upon. Various related research methods are elaborated upon and deep dives done quite frequently. Influences related to political, economic and governance systems ( viz.,  democratic, communist, monarch, capitalistic, dictatorial, socialist and other Social Ecosystems )​ are deeply studied. The dependencies of Sociology and the dynamic environment is also noted. The changing environment has always played a great role in the field of Sociology. In a nut shell, Sociology is a critical discipline and an inalienable analytical aspect of our society. Sociology helps in better understanding of eternal Human systems, as well as, to facilitate the appreciation of the myriad approaches to development of future Human Social Systems, Social Classes and Social Orders. 

In line with the above understanding, knowledge and the obvious significance of the discipline of Sociology, we at Wise Turtle Academy strive to deliver to the masses reasonable quality "Class 11th Sociology & Class 12th Sociology Online Tuition Classes, Sociology Tuition Classes, Sociology Online Classes, Sociology Home Classes, Sociology Home Tutors, Sociology Online Tutors, Sociology Home Tuition Classes, Sociology Online Tuition Classes, Sociology Teachers, Sociology Live Classes, Sociology Live Tutors" near you and near me in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, Greater Noida West, Faridabad, Gurgaon ( Gurugram ), Ghaziabad, Alwar, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore ( Bengaluru ) and other major locations. These classes are successfully delivered through Online Tutoring and Home Tutoring modes to the students of all schools and colleges.


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Wise Turtle Academy has very good experience in delivering "Sociology Home Tuition Classes for Class 12th" near you and near me in Greater Noida, Greater Noida West that relate to English medium School Boards ( CBSE -Central Board of Secondary Education, ICSE - Indian Certificate for Secondary Education, NIOS - National Institute for Open Schooling, IB - International Baccalaureate, IGNOU - Indira Gandhi National Open University, Rajasthan State Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, Private Candidates, Private Patrachaar, Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, Other State Boards, Canadian Provincial Curriculum - British Columbia & Manitoba  ). Additionally, "CBSE Class 11th Sociology Online Tutors" also cover quality oriented, contemporary, educational & learning support through Study Notes, solved assignments, Examination Help, Mock Examination Assessments & Home Work Help. All of it is provided by our best, experienced and result oriented Online Tutors / Home Tutors near you and near me in Greater Noida, Greater Noida West.

Following is an outline of the syllabus for subject Sociology for Class 11 ( Class 11th - XI ) :

A. Introducing Sociology

Unit 1: Society and Sociology and Relationship with other Social Sciences

Introducing Society: Individuals and collectivities. Plural Perspectives
Introducing Sociology: Emergence. Nature and Scope. Relationship to other disciplines

Unit 2: Basic Concepts and their use in Sociology

Social Groups
Status and Role
Social Stratification
Society & Social Control

Unit 3: Understanding Social Institutions

Family, Marriage and Kinship
Work & Economic Life
Political Institutions
Religion as a Social Institution
Education as a Social Institution

Unit 4: Culture and Socialization

Culture, Values and Norms: Shared, Plural, Contested
Socialization: Conformity, Conflict and the Shaping of Personality

Unit 5: Doing Sociology: Research Methods

Methods: Participant Observation, Survey
Tools and Techniques: Observation, Interview, Questionnaire
The Significance of Field Work in Sociology

B. Understanding Society

Unit 6: Structure, Process and Stratification

Social Structure
Social Stratification: Class, Caste, Race, Gender
Social Processes: Cooperation, Competition, Conflict


Unit 7: Social Change and Social order in Rural & Urban Society

Social Change: Types and Dimensions; Causes and Consequences
Social Order: Domination, Authority and Law; Contestation, Crime and Violence
Village, Town and City: Changes in Rural and Urban Society


Unit 8: Environment and Society

Ecology and Society
Environmental Crises and Social Responses
Sustainable Development

Unit 9: Introducing Western Sociologists

Karl Marx on Class Conflict
Emile Durkheim on Division of Labour
Max Weber on Bureaucracy

Unit 10: Indian Sociologists

G.S. Ghurye on Race and Caste
D.P. Mukherjee on Tradition and Change
A.R. Desai on the State
M.N. Srinivas on the Village

Wise Turtle Academy is very sure that it's quality conscious and comprehensive "Class 12th Sociology Home Tutors" will benefit the students immensely. The Online tutors come from various educational backgrounds, namely, Engineering, Management, Medical, Humanities, Commerce, and more. Considering the adequate qualification and the rich experience carried by the Home Tutors and Online tutors, it'll be an easy task to instruct, guide and tutor the students. Trust and mutual understanding between the Online Tutors / Home Tutors and the Students will go a long way to effect an efficient delivery of "CBSE Class 11th Sociology Home Tuition Classes" near you and near me in Greater Noida, Greater Noida West.

Following is the outline of the syllabus for subject Sociology for Class 12 ( Class 12th - XII ) :

A. Indian Society

Unit 1: Introducing Indian Society

Colonialism, Nationalism, Class and Community

Unit 2: The Demographic Structure and Indian Society

Theories and concepts in demography
Rural-Urban Linkages and Divisions
Population Policy in India

Unit 3: Social Institutions: Continuity and Change

Caste and the Caste System
Tribal Communities
Family and Kinship

Unit 4: Market as a Social Institution

Sociological perspectives on markets and the economy.
Understanding Capitalism as a social system
Globalization - Interlinking of Local, Regional, National and International Markets.

Unit 5: Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion

Social Inequality and Social Exclusion
Systems justifying and perpetuating Inequality - Caste, Tribe, the Other Backward Classes
Adivasi Struggles
The Struggle for Women’s Equality and Rights
The struggles of the Differently Abled

Unit 6: The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

Cultural communities and the nation state
Regionalism in the Indian context
The Nation state and religion related issues and identities
Communalism, secularism and the nation state
State and Civil Society

Unit 7: Suggestions for Project Work

B. Change and Development in Indian Society

Unit 8: Structural Change

Understanding Colonialism, Industrialization, Urbanization

Unit 9: Cultural Change

Social Reform Movements
Different Kinds of Social Change: Sanskritisation, Westernization, Modernization, Secularization

Unit 10: The Story of Democracy

The Constitution as an instrument of Social Change
Panchayati Raj and the Challenges of Social Transformation
Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Democratic Politics


Unit 11: Change and Development in Rural Society

Agrarian Structure: Caste & class in Rural India
Land Reforms, Green Revolution and Emerging Agrarian society
Green revolution and its social consequences
Transformation in Rural Society
Circulation of labour
Globalization, Liberalization and Rural Society

Unit 12: Change and Development in Industrial Society

From Planned Industrialization to Liberalization
How people find Jobs
Work Processes: How work is carried out, working conditions, home based work, Strikes and Unions

Unit 13: Globalisation and Social Change

Understanding globalization
Dimensions of Globalization: Economic, Political Cultural

Unit 14: Mass Media and Communication

Types of Mass Media: Radio, Television and Print Media
Changing Nature of Mass Media
Globalisation and the media

Unit 15: Social Movements

Concept of Social Movements
Theories and Classification of Social Movements
Environmental Movements
Class-Based Movements: Workers, Peasants
Caste-Based Movements: Dalit Movement, Backward Class Castes, Trends in Upper Caste Responses
The Tribal Movements
Women's Movements in Independent India

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