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Information Technology ( IT ) Classes Near Me:

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Information Technology ( IT ) - Introduction & Scope :

Information Technology ( IT ) is an important specialisation of computer science that forms an emerging industry worldwide. Information Technology through the world wide web assists the entire globe to be connected culturally, socially, politically and economically.

Thus, Wise Turtle Academy attempts to deliver good Quality "Class 12th Information Technology ( IT ) Online Tuition Classes" in Greater Noida. These classes are successfully delivered through Online Tutoring mode to the students of all schools and colleges in the various areas of Greater Noida. The prominent areas of Greater Noida covering "CBSE Class 11th Information Technology ( IT ) Online Tuition Classes" & Online Tutoring services are Pari Chowk, LG Chowk, Gamma 1, Gamma 2, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2, Xi 1, Xi 2, Phi 1, Phi 2, Omicron 1, Omicron 2, Omicron 3, Zeta 1, Zeta 2, Eta 1, Eta2, Delta 1, Delta 2, Knowledge Park 1, Knowledge Park 2, Knowledge Park 3, Omaxe Connaught Place Mall, Rampur Jagir Chowk, Alpha Commercial Belt, Surajpur, Sharda Hospital, Sector 150, ATS Pristine Sector 150, Sector 144, Sector 143, Sector 27, Swarna Nagari, Tughalpur Village, Kasna, Greater Noida Expressway, Sector 31, Sector 32, Sector 33, Sector 34, Sector 35, Sector 36, Sector 37, sector 38, sector 39, Sector 40, Sector 41, Sector 42, Sector 43, Sector 45, etc.. There are many more areas within Greater Noida, that are covered under our services for "CBSE Class 12th Information Technology ( IT ) Home Tuition Classes" and Online tutoring. In case, if your residential areas within Greater Noida don't show up in the list of above prominent areas of Greater Noida, please contact us directly to clarify further.

Wise Turtle Academy has very good experience in delivering "CBSE Class 11th Information Technology ( IT ) Home Tutors" that relate to English medium School Boards, viz., CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education, ICSE - Indian Certificate for Secondary Education, IB - International Baccalaureate, NIOS - National Institute of Open Schooling, IGNOU - Indira Gandhi National Open University, Private Candidates, Uttar Pradesh State Board of Secondary & Senior Secondary Education, Rajasthan Board of Secondary & Senior Secondary Education, other State Boards and Private Patrachaar candidates. We offer quality oriented, contemporary, educational & learning support through Study Notes, Solved Assignments & Home Work Help. "CBSE Class 12th Information Technology ( IT ) Home Tutors" & learning support services are provided by our best, experienced and result oriented Online Tutors and Home Tutors in Greater Noida and Greater Noida West.

Following is the general CBSE / NCERT prescribed outline of the syllabus for subject Information Technology ( IT ) - Class 11th ( Class XI - 11 ) :

1. Understand and appreciate fundamentals of Computer and its characteristics
Introduction to Fundamentals of Computer and its use
Characteristics of computer
Components of computer
Block diagram of computer
Processes of task execution
steps of process execution
function of various components of computer and CPU
identify and enlist various applications of computer
illustrate various components of computer under different blocks
illustrate functions of various components of computer
2. Understand the components of computer
identify various components of computer
appreciate function and use of I/O devices
learn about various storage devices used in computer
various memory units of storage
illustrate various types of I/O devices
identify and find out the application of each of the I/O Devices
3 Understand Operating System
introduction to Operating System and its need
functions of operating system
types of operating system
difference between various operating systems
identify different types of OS in computers/mobile phones
identify the different in features of various operating systems
4. Troubleshooting in computer system
introduction to common troubleshooting/ problems
common troubleshooting steps
troubleshooting hardware problems like display, keyboard, mouse etc.
troubleshooting printer problems
understanding printer IP address
understanding various printer settings like fast/ slow printing
sound troubleshooting
understanding speaker settings like volume etc.
troubleshooting software problems
troubleshooting networking problems
learn about problems in network fly lead, network card
identifying different kinds of problems in the system and its peripheral devices
setting up a printer
selecting a printer
setting default printer
changing printer settings
how to forcefully restart a computer or stop a task
demonstration of problems in fly lead, network card and possible solutions
5. Understand the importance of Utilities
Disk Space management
Disk Cleanup
Managing Recycle Bin
learning about disk defragmentation
learn to remove unused programs
learn to disable unused program services
restart the system
learn to use command prompt to search for a file.
illustration to view the disk storage
to apply Disk Cleanup utilities to enhance performance of the system
to identify, view and manage Recycle Bin
illustration and hands on to remove unused programs
illustration and hands on to disable/enable program services
restart the computer
to search different files using various options and wildcard characters
1. Understand Computer Networking
Need and benefits of networking
Components of a network:
sender, receive, message, channel,
Transmission Medium (wired and wireless)
Telephone Network standard (technology used in each generation)
Working Devices (RJ45 connector, Modem, Repeater, Hub, Switch, Bridge, Gateway, Routers )
Network Topology (Bus, Star ,Ring, Tree, Mesh)
Types of Networking (LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, VAN)
illustrate various networks and its benefits
Identify the transmission medium , devices, network topology, type of networking in computer lab
Setting up hotspot
2. To understand Internet and its terminology
Introduction and use of Internet
Digital Literacy
Terminology (Channels, Bandwidth (HERTZ, KHZ), ISP)
Internet Devices: Repeater, Hub, Switch, Gateway, Bridge, Router
Data Transfer Rate (bps, Kbps, KBps, Mbps, MBPS, Gbps, GBPS)
Analyze the Bandwidth ,
identify Internet devices and their significance,
to check/view Data transfer rate in computer lab / devices
3. Understand cybercrime and the need of Cyber Security
Network safety concerns: ( Digital Footprints, Threats, Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse, Spam, Malware, DoS Attacks, Eavesdropping, Adware, Spyware, Snooping )
Networking Security Measures (Antivirus, Firewall , Login ids and Password)
Cyber Crime ( Phishing, Pharming, Spoofing, Cyber Bullying, Hacking, Cracking, Identity Theft, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Trolling )
Cyber Safety ( Netiquettes, IT Act, Cyber Laws )
Find out the threats encountered and the security measures used in computer lab and mobile phones
Research Online
1. Word processor
introduction work with Word processing applications like OpenOffice,
Introduction to Word Processing window components like work area, ruler, tab etc.
understanding various tabs like File, Edit, Insert, View and their submenu options to format a document using OpenOffice Writer.
learn to create tables in word processors
List the available word processing applications.
Introduce the parts of the main window.
Change document views.
Start a new document.
Open an existing document.
Save a document.
Close a document.
Use the Navigator.
2. Spreadsheets

appreciate need and use of spreadsheets
learn to install an open source spreadsheet software like Calc
learn components of the Spreadsheet title window.
appreciate different formatting features available in spreadsheets
learn to work, save and close spreadsheets
work with data, move data, use edit menu
Use AutoFill, formatting data,
alignment, changing cell color, gridlines and borders,
flow of text, merging, splitting text, wrap text, shrink to fit
Numeric data formatting
Find and Replace Data
delete data and formatting
delete cells
insert delete rows and columns
using formula and functions
various type of operators
predefined functions in spreadsheets ( sum(), sqrt(), product(), power(), log(), round(), abs(), average() etc. )
addressing/ referencing: absolute, relative, mixed
sort and filter data
create chart and graph, setting legend, grids in charts, resizing and moving charts, modifying and deleting charts
create/record a macro, run / use macros 
print spreadsheets
demonstration of components of the Spreadsheet window.
demonstration and hands on to insert formulae and use inbuilt functions efficiently
make charts using chart tools in spreadsheet
sort data according to various criteria
change colour, alignment, set borders
insert, delete, hide, show rows and columns
creating macros and use them efficiently
merging two or more cells , splitting a cell
search data using Find options, search and replace a selected piece of text
3. Powerpoint

introduction to presentation software
start openOffice Impress
overview of OpenOffice
study of various tabs of OpenOffice
understand various views of presentation, animations, transitions, header, footer etc.
the students will be able to work with presentation software


1. Understand Relational Database Management System
Database and its purpose
Components of a table
Relational Database Model
Terminology ( Relation, Tuple, Attribute, Cardinality )
Keys ( Primary, Candidate, Alternate, Foreign )
Installation of MYSQL
Simple calculations in MYSQL
2. Introduction to MYSQL
Introduction To MYSQL
Classification of MYSQL commands (DDL, DML)
Data Types in MYSQL ( char, varchar, decimal, int, date, time )
Create database
Create table
View structure of a table
Add constraints in table
Modify structure
Show all tables created in a database
Delete structure
3. DML Commands
Add rows to a table
Viewing content of a table
Display selected data depending on specific condition
Display data in a order
modify the data stored in a table
delete contents of a table
1 Understand Integrated Development Environment (NETBEANS)
Components of IDE
Understand and change
Properties and methods of Components like jButton, jLabel, jTextField, jTextarea, jRadiobutton, jCheckbox, jPasswordField, jListBox, jComboBox
Create a project
Create a JFrameForm container
Add a button component on JFrameForm and change properties like text, font, foreground etc using properties window
Add other container controls like jTextField , jTextarea, jRadiobutton, jCheckbox, jPasswordFieldjListBox, jComboBox and change their properties
2 JAVA Programming
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
To understand various data types ( primitive ) and purpose of each data type
To understand the need and usage of variables
To understand usage of operators ( assignment , arithmetic, relational, logical, bitwise )
To understand how to attach a code with components like jButton, jLabel, jTextField and create a simple application on JFrame
To understand the use of various components like jTextarea, jRadiobutton, jCheckbox, jPasswordField, jListBox, jComboBox, JTable, JOptionPane, JPanel
To understand when to use selection statements ( if, if else and switch case )

Wise Turtle Academy is absolutely sure that it's quality conscious and comprehensive "CBSE Class 12th Information Technology ( IT ) Online Tutors" will benefit the students immensely. The Information Technology ( IT ) Online tutors and Home tutors come from various educational backgrounds, namely, Engineering, Management, Medical, Humanities, Commerce, and more. With adequate qualification, strong competency and rich experience carried by the teachers, it'll be an easy task to instruct, guide and tutor the students through the delivery. Trust and mutual understanding among the Online Tutors, Home Tutors and the Students will go a long way to effect an efficient delivery of "CBSE Class 11th Information Technology ( IT ) Online Teachers" in Greater Noida & Greater Noida West.

Following is the general CBSE / NCERT prescribed outline of the syllabus for subject Information Technology ( IT ) - Class 12th ( Class XII - 12 ) :

Basics of RDBMS.
SQL – Creating and Opening Database.
Creating and populating tables.
Modifying the content and structure of table.
Ordering and Grouping.
Operating with multiple tables.
UNIT 2 Operating Web Based Applications
Online Reservation Systems.
Online Shopping and Bill payments.
Online Tutorials and Tests.
Project Management – Web Based Application development.
Project essentials and tips.
Case Study - Online Game.
Case Study - Online Quiz.
Case Study – Online Bill Calculator.
UNIT 3 Fundamentals of Java programming, Introduction to Java, Object Oriented Programming
Java Language Elements,
Control Flow,
Class Design,
Exception Handling,
Threads ,
Wrapper Classes,
String Manipulation
UNIT 4 Work Integrated Learning IT – DMA
Identification of Work Areas.
Work Experience.


Practical : 
Programs / Practical Questions.
SQL Queries
JAVA Programs 
Operating Web Based Application 
Project / Practical File
Viva Voce


Career Opportunities :
Customer Service Associate
Customer Service Representative
Customer Care Executive
Customer Service Advisor
Helpdesk Coordinator
Customer Support Representative
IT Support Specialist
Documentation Assistant
Programming Assistant

Vertical Mobility :
This course will assist the participating students to further update their career by vertically moving either to BA (programming) and other programming oriented applied undergraduate courses of different universities. They may also move to their corporate career by starting as a desktop data entry operator or small  developer for desktop applications and move up to a corporate ladder in the role of software developer in different sectors.

Wise Turtle Academy has kept the pricing budget for "CBSE Class 12th Information Technology ( IT ) Online Classes" very reasonable and as per the industry standards. There is a scope to mutually agree and negotiate upon the tuition or tutoring budget, thus, making it a win-win situation for both the Academy, as well as the students near me in Greater Noida & Greater Noida West. We encourage the students & residents to come forward and explore our highly effective and efficient "CBSE Class 11th Information Technology ( IT ) Home  Classes" being delivered just next to or around the residential areas.

We'll indeed be delighted to hear back from you about your requirements and assure you of our expert "CBSE Class 12th and Class 11th Information Technology ( IT ) Online & Home Teachers". A One-On-One Online Tutoring Consultation or a Private Tutor visit at your desired premises can be booked with us at absolutely nominal ( only to and fro transportation ) charges.

We'll ensure punctuality, utmost professionalism and full compliance to agreed Visitation, tutoring or Training Time window, as well as, strive to deliver one of the most satisfying tutoring experience ever possible.

Please explore our services listed under Book Our Services. We are available round the clock and can directly be reached through our Contact Us or Facebook page.

Looking forward to connecting with you !

Wise Turtle Academy !


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