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Mathematics Online Tutors, Mathematics Online Tuition Classes, Mathematics Online Private Teachers near me in British Columbia BC, Canada Ca


Maths & Mathematics Online Tuition Classes, Mathematics Online Tutors, Maths Online Private Teachers, Mathematics Live Classes and Maths Live Tutors near me in British Columbia - BC, Canada - Ca :


Wise Turtle Academy provides qualititative Maths & Mathematics Online Tuition Services & Online Tutoring to the students in all the areas of British Columbia, Canada. The prominent areas of British Columbia, Canada covering Mathematics Online Tuition Classes, Online Private Teachers, Online Tutors & Online Tutoring services near me are Abbotsford, Agassiz, Aldergrove, Anmore, Belcarra, Blubber Bay, Boston Bar, Bowen Island, Brackendale, Britannia Beach, Burnaby, Cawston, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Cultus Lake, D'arcy, Delta, Deroche, Dewdney, Egmont, Furry Creek, Gambier Island, Garden Bay, Garibaldi Highlands, Gibsons, Gillies Bay, Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills, Hope, Lake Errock, Langley, Lindell Beach, Lions Bay, Lund, Madeira Park, Maple Ridge, Mayne Island, Mission, Mount Currie, New Westminster, North Bend, North Vancouver, Pemberton, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Mellon, Port Moody, Powell River, Richmond, Roberts Creek, Rosedale, Sechelt, Seton Portage, Spuzzum, Squamish, Surrey, Tsawwassen, Tulameen, Van Anda, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Whistler, White Rock, Winter Harbour, Woss, Yale. There are many more areas within British Columbia - BC, Canada, that are covered under our services of Online Tuition Classes, Online Tutors, Online Private Tutors, After School Help and Online tutoring. In case, if your residential areas near me in British Columbia - BC, Canada, don't show up in the list of above prominent areas, please contact us directly to clarify further.

Outline of Mathematics curriculum for Grade - 10 ( Ten - X ) in British Columbia BC, Canada CA :


Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-calculus :

positive and negative exponents
exponent laws
evaluation using order of operations
numerical and variable bases

Prime Factorization:
expressing prime factorization of a number using powers
identifying the factors of a number
includes greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM)
strategies include using factor trees and factor pairs

Functions and Relations: 
communicating domain and range in both situational and non-situational contexts 
connecting graphs and context
understanding the meaning of a function
identifying whether a relation is a function 
using function notation

Linear Functions: 
slope: positive, negative, zero, and undefined
types of equations of lines (point-slope, slope intercept, and general) 
equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
equations of horizontal and vertical lines
connections between representations: graphs, tables, equations

Arithmetic Sequences:
applying formal language (common difference, first term, general term) to increasing and decreasing linear patterns
connecting to linear relations
extension: exploring arithmetic series 
solving graphically
solving algebraically by inspection, substitution, elimination
connecting ordered pair with meaning of an algebraic solution
solving problems in situational contexts
applying the distributive property between two polynomials, including trinomials
connecting the product of binomials with an area model
greatest common factor of a polynomial
simpler cases involving trinomials (y=x^2+bx+c) and difference of squares 
sine, cosine, and tangent ratios
right-triangle problems: determining missing sides and/or angles using trigonometric ratios and the Pythagorean theorem
contexts involving direct and indirect measurement
Financial Literacy:
types of income
income tax and other deductions

Workplace Mathematics :

including a variety of formats, such as line, bar, and circle graphs, as well as histograms, pictographs, and infographics
Primary Trigonometric Ratios:
single right-angle triangles; sine, cosine, and tangent
with a focus on length as a means to increase computational fluency
using tools and appropriate units to measure with accuracy
Surface Area and Volume: 
including prisms and cylinders, formula manipulation 
contextualized problems involving 3D shapes
Central Tendency: 
analysis of measures and discussion of outliers
calculation of mean, median, mode, and range
Experimental Probability: 
simulations through playing and creating games and connecting to theoretical probability where possible
Financial Literacy: 
types of income; income tax and other deductions


With Wise Turtle Academy, a Student can get best Math & Mathematics Online tuition classes, Online Tutors, Online Private Tutors, Online Trainers, as well as many other subjects conforming to curriculum prescribed for the province of British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ). These classes are delivered by well qualified and highly experienced Online tutors near me in British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ). The scope of Online tuition delivery by competent Online tutors vary with various Grades right from Kindergarten, Grade 1 ( 1st - I ) , Grade 2 ( 2nd - II  ) , Grade 3 ( 3rd - III ) , Grade 4 ( 4th - IV ) , Grade 5 ( 5th - V ) , Grade 6 ( 6th - VI ) , Grade 7 ( 7th - VII ) , Grade 8 ( 8th - VIII ) , Grade 9 ( 9th - IX ) , Grade 10 ( 10th - X ) , Grade 11 ( 11th - XI ) , Grade 12 ( 12th - XII ) to College level education curriculum. More areas covered near me in British Columbia - BC, Canada are Delta, Denmanisland, Dennyisland, Destinybay, Dogcreek, Domecreek, Douglaslake, Duncan, Dunster, Eaglebay, Eaglecreek, Eastgate, Edgewater, Edgewood, Elkford, Elko, Endako, Enderby, Erickson, Errington, Esquimalt, Fairmonthotsprings, Falkland, Fannybay, Farmington, Fauquier, Fernie, Field, Forestgrove, Fortfraser, Fortnelson, Fortst.James, Fortst.John, Fortsteele, Francoislake, Fraser, Fraserlake, Fruitvale, Gabriola, Galianoisland, Galloway, Gangranch, Gardenbay, Genelle, Germansenlanding, Gibsons, Gitanmaax, Gitsegukla, Gitwinksihlkw, Goldbridge, Goldcreek, Goldriver, Golden, Goodhopelake, Goodlow, Grandforks, Granisle, Grasmere, Graycreek, Greenwood, Grindrod, Groundbirch, Hagensborg, Haisla, Hanceville, Harrogate, Hartleybay, Hazelton, Hedley, Heffleycreek, Heriotbay, Hixon, Holberg, Honeymoonbay, Hornbyisland, Horsefly, Houston, Hudson'shope, Invermere, Iskut, Jadecity, Jaffray, Jordanriver, Kaleden, Kamloops, Kaslo, Kelowna, Keremeos, Kildonan, Kimberley, Kincolith, Kingcomeinlet, Kingsgate, Kispiox, Kitchener, Kitimat, Kitkatla, Kitwanga, Kleenakleene, Klemtu, Knutsford, Koksilah, Koocanusa-West, Kootenaybay, Krestova, Kuskanook, Kyuquot, Laclahache, Laclejeune, Ladysmith, Lakecountry, Lakecowichan.

Outline of Mathematics curriculum for Grade - 11 ( Eleven - XI ) in British Columbia BC, Canada CA :


Computer Science:
Basic Data Types:
number systems (e.g., binary, hexadecimal)
strings, integers, characters, floating point
Basic Programming Concepts:
variables, constants, mathematical operations, input/output, generating random numbers
local versus global
Logical Statements:
logical operators (AND, OR, NOT)
relational operators (<, >, <=, >=, ==, !=, or <>) 
logical equivalences (e.g., De Morgan’s laws), simplification of logical statements, truth tables
Control Flow:
decision structures (e.g., if-then-else)
loops (e.g., for, while, nested loops)
Development of Algorithms:
step-wise refinement, pseudocode or flowcharts, translating between pseudocode and code and vice versa
append, remove, insert, delete
searching algorithms (e.g., linear and binary searches)
use of methods/functions to reduce complexity, reuse code, and use function parameters 
return values
Financial Analysis:
time value of money, appreciation/depreciation, mortgage amortization
modify the variables of a financial scenario to run a “what-if” analysis on them (e.g., compare different monthly payments, term lengths, interest rates)
Mathematical Problems:
estimate theoretical probability through simulation
represent finite sequences and series
solve a system of linear equations, exponential growth/decay
solve a polynomial equation
calculate statistical values such as frequency, central tendencies, standard deviation of large data set
compute greatest common factor/least common multiples

Foundations of Mathematics:

Mathematical Reasoning:
logic, conjecturing, inductive and deductive thinking, proofs, game/puzzle analysis, counter-examples 
Angle Relationships: 
properties, proofs, parallel lines, triangles and other polygons, angle constructions 
Graphical Analysis:
using technology only
Linear Inequalities:
graphing of the solution region
slope and intercepts
intersection points of lines
Quadratic Functions:
characteristics of graphs, including end behaviour, maximum/minimum, vertex, symmetry, intercepts
Systems of Equations: 
including linear with linear, linear with quadratic, and quadratic with quadratic
using feasible region to optimize objective function
maximizing profit while minimizing cost
maximizing area or volume while minimizing perimeter
posing a question about an observed variation, collecting and interpreting data, and answering the question
measures of central tendency, standard deviation, confidence intervals, z-scores, distributions
Scale Models:
enlargements and reductions of 2D shapes and 3D objects
comparing the properties of similar objects (length, area, volume)
square-cube law
Financial Literacy: 
compound interest
introduction to investments/loans with regular payments using technology

History of Mathematics:

Number and Number Systems: 
Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, Greek, Arabic, Mayan, Indian, Chinese, First Peoples 
exploring the idea of different bases, different forms of arithmetic
problems from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus 
Patterns and Algebra:
Al-Khwarizmi’s Algebra
Indian mathematics
Islamic mathematics
the golden ratio
patterns in art
problems from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, Moscow Mathematical Papyrus
Hippocrates and construction problems of antiquity
geometry in Euclid’s Elements, Archimedes, Apollonius, Pappus’s Book III
Indian and Arabic contributions
Descartes and Fermat
Probability and Statistics:
Pascal, Cardano, Fermat, Bernoulli, Laplace
ancient games such as dice and the Egyptian game Hounds and Jackals 
Egyptian record keeping
Graunt and the development of statistics through the need for merchant insurance policies
Early Beginnings: 
forms of tabulating information, leading to the beginnings of probability and statistics
Tools and Technology: 
papyrus, stone tablet, bone, compass and straightedge, abacus, scales, slide rule, ruler, protractor, calculator, computer
Spartan military use of ciphers
first documentation of ciphers in the Arab world
John Wallis
World War II and the Enigma machine
modular arithmetic
RSA coding
current coding techniques and security in digital password encryption


Real Number: 
positive and negative rational exponents
exponent laws
evaluation using order of operations
numerical and variable bases
simplifying radicals
ordering a set of irrational numbers
performing operations with radicals
solving simple (one radical only) equations algebraically and graphically
identifying domain restrictions and extraneous roots of radical equations
greatest common factor of a polynomial
trinomials of the form ax^2+bx+c
difference of squares of the form a^2 x^2-b^2 y^2
may extend to a(f(x))^2+b(f(x))+c, a^2 (f(x))^2-b^2 (f(x))^2
simplifying and applying operations to rational expressions
identifying non-permissible values
solving equations and identifying any extraneous roots
identifying characteristics of graphs (including domain and range, intercepts, vertex, symmetry), multiple forms, function notation, extrema
exploring transformations
solving equations (e.g., factoring, quadratic formula, completing the square, graphing, square root method)
connecting equation-solving strategies
connecting equations with functions
solving problems in context

single variable (e.g., 3x-7≤-4,x^2-5x+6>0)
domain and range restrictions from problems in situational contexts
sign analysis: identifying intervals where a function is positive, negative, or zero
symbolic notation for inequality statements, including interval notation
use of sine and cosine laws to solve non-right triangles, including ambiguous cases
contextual and non-contextual problems
angles in standard position:
   special angles, as connected with the 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles
unit circle
reference and coterminal angles
terminal arm
trigonometric ratios
simple trigonometric equations
Financial Literacy:
compound interest
introduction to investments/loans with regular payments, using technology

Workplace Mathematics:

Financial Literacy:
personal investments, loans (lease versus buy), credit cards, mortgages, graphical representations of financial growth
to purchase, own, or lease and to operate and maintain a vehicle
banking services
other significant purchases
Rate of Change:
slope of 3D objects, angle of elevation
interest rates
exploring games of chance and insurance payout likelihood
reading about and interpreting surveys and information in the media to make informed decisions
understanding statistical vocabulary
Interpreting Graphs:
investigating graphs in the media (e.g., news articles, blogs, social media, websites, advertisements)
how data and media influence social justice issues and personal decisions
3D Objects:
creating and interpreting exploded diagrams and perspective diagrams
drawing and constructing 3D objects


Wise Turtle Academy has very good experience in Maths One to One Teaching, Group Teaching, Mathematics Classroom Teaching of curriculum prescribed by province of British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ). Maths & Mathematics Online Tuition Classes and School Online Tuition Classes also assist through After-school Study, Extra Lessons, Reading Help, Home Assessment, Exam Revision, Exam Techniques, Extra Tuition, Homework Help, Exam Preparations, Exam Help, Solving Assignments, Mathematical Formulas, Entrance Exams, Mathematical Reasonings, Mathematical contexts. All this pedagogy is quality oriented, contemporary, educational, learning, development and ( British Columbia BC Canada ) curriculum oriented. All these Online tuition classes & Online support services near me are provided by our best, experienced and result oriented Online Tutors in British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ).Further areas covered within British Columbia - BC, Canada, are 100 milehouse, 108 mileranch, 150 milehouse, 70 milehouse, Ahousat, Ainsworthhotsprings, Aiyansh, Alertbay, Alexiscreek, Alkalilake, Altona, Anahimlake, Anglemont, Argenta, Armstrong, Arras, Arrowcreek, Ashcroft, Atlin, Avola, Bakercreek, Baldonnel, Balfour, Bamfield, Barkerville, Barriere, Batnunilake, Bayneslake, Bearlake, Beasley, Beaverdell, Bellabella, Bellacoola, Bigcreek, Biglakeranch, Blackcreek, Blindbay, Blindchannel, Blueriver, Bonnington, Boswell, Bowser, Brentwoodbay, Bridesville, Bridgelake, Brisco, Buffalocreek, Buick, Burnslake, Burton, Cachecreek, Campbellriver, Canalflats, Canimlake, Canoe, Canyon, Cassidy, Castlegar, Cawston, Cecillake, Cedarvale, Celista, Charlielake, Chase, Chemainus, Cherryville, Chetwynd, Chilankoforks, Christinalake, Clayhurst, Clearwater, Clinton, Coalharbour, Coalmont, Cobblehill, Coldstream, Comox, Coombs, Courtenay, Cowichanbay, Cranbrook, Crawfordbay, Crescentspur, Crescentvalley, Creston, Crofton, Cumberland, Darfield, Dawsoncreek, Dawsonslanding, Deaselake.

Outline of Mathematics curriculum for Grade - 12 ( Twelve - XII ) in British Columbia BC, Canada CA :

Apprenticeship Mathematics
Computer Science
Foundations of Mathematics

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Wise Turtle Academy is absolutely sure that it's quality conscious and expert Maths Online tuition services will benefit the students immensely. The Mathematics Online tutors come from various educational backgrounds, namely, Engineering, Management, Medical, Humanities, Commerce, and others. Considering the adequate qualifications and the rich experience carried by the Mathematics Online tutors, it'll be an easy task to instruct, guide and tutor the Mathematics students. Trust and mutual understanding between the Mathematics Online Tutors and the Students will go a long way to effect an efficient delivery of Online Tuition services near me in British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ). Further areas covered near me in British Columbia ( BC, Canada Ca ) are Lantzville, Lasqueti, Lavington, Laxkw'alaams, Laxgalts'ap, Lazo, Leecreek, Likely, Lillooet, Littlefort, Loganlake, Lonebutte, Longworth, Louiscreek, Lowernicola, Lowerpost, Lumby, Lund, Lytton, Mackenzie, Magnabay, Malahat, Malakwa, Mansoncreek, Mansonslanding, Mara, Masset, Mayneisland, Mcbride, Mcleeselake, Mcleodlake, Mclure, Meadowcreek, Merritt, Merville, Mesachielake, Meziadinlake, Micacreek, Midway, Millbay, Minstrelisland, Moberlylake, Montecreek, Montelake, Montney, Montrose, Mountbaldy, Mountcurrie, Moyie, Muncholake, Nakusp, Nanaimo, Nanoosebay, Naramata, Nasscamp, Nazko, Nelson, Nemaiahvalley, Newdenver, Newhazelton, Newgate, Nimpolake, Northpine, Northsaanich, Oceanfalls, Okanaganfalls, Oliver, Oonariver, Osoyoos, Panorama, Parksville, Parson, Pavilion, Peaceriverregionaldistrict, Peachland, Penderisland, Penelakutisland, Penny, Penticton, Pinantanlake, Pinkmountain, Portalberni, Portalice, Portclements, Portedward, Porthardy, Portmcneill, Portrenfrew, Poucecoupe, Prespatou, Princegeorge, Princerupert, Princeton, Pritchard, Procter, Progress, Prophetriver, Qualicumbeach, Quathiaskicove, Quatsino, Queencharlotte, Queensbay, Quesnel, Quilchena, Radiumhotsprings, Redstone, Refugecove, Revelstoke, Riondel, Riskecreek, Robson, Rockcreek, Rolla, Roseprairie, Rosedale, Rossspur, Rossland, Royston, Saanichton, Salmo, Salmonarm.

Wise Turtle Academy has kept the Mathematics Online Tuition classes pricing very reasonable and as per the industry standards. There is a scope to mutually agree and negotiate upon the Maths Online Tuition Budget, thus, making it a win-win situation for both the Online Tuition Academy and the Online Tuition Students near me in British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ). We encourage the residents of British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ) to come forward and explore the highly effective and efficient Online tuition services being delivered just near me and near your residential areas. ​Additional areas covered near me in British Columbia ( BC, Canada Ca ) are Saltspringisland, Sanca, Sandspit, Saturna, Savona, Sayward, Scotchcreek, Sechelt, Setonportage, Shalalth, Shawniganlake, Shirley, Sicamous, Sidney, Sik-E-Dakh, Silverton, Simoomsound, Sinclairmills, Sirdar, Skookumchuck, Slocan, Slocanpark, Smithers, Sointula, Sooke, Sorrento, Southhazelton, Southslocan, Southbank, Sparwood, Spencesbridge, Spillimacheen, Squirrelcove, Stives, Stewart, Stuartisland, Summerland, Summitlake, Sunpeaks, Sunsetprairie, Surgenarrows, Swanseapoint, Tatacreek, Tahsis, Taklalanding, Tappen, Tatlalake, Tatlayokolake, Taylor, Telegraphcove, Telegraphcreek, Telkwa, Terrace, Thetisisland, Thornhill, Tlell, Toadriver, Tobiano, Tofino, Tomslake, Topley, Topleylanding, Trail, Tsaykehdene, Tulameen, Tumblerridge, Tworivers, Ucluelet, Unionbay, Upperfraser, Valemount, Vanderhoof, Vavenby, Vernon, Victoria, Walhachin, Wardner, Ware, Wasa, Wells, Westcreston, Westkelowna, Westbank, Westbridge, Westholme, Westwold, Whaletown, Williamslake, Willowriver, Windermere, Winlaw, Winterharbour, Wonowon, Woss, Wynndel, Yahk, Ymir, Youbou, Zeballos, British Columbia - BC, Canada, etc..

We'll indeed be delighted to hear back about your requirements and assure you of our quality oriented Online Mathematics Tuition Services. A One-On-One Online Tutoring Consultation or a Private Tutor visit at your desired premises can be booked with us at an absolutely nominal (only to and fro transportation) charge.

We'll ensure punctuality, utmost professionalism and full compliance to agreed Mathematics Online Tuition Visitation or Training Time window, as well as, strive to deliver one of the most satisfying Online tutoring experience ever possible.

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