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Book Shop - Terms & Conditions :


1. BookShop is an open public Market Place. It is to view and purchase Digital Tutoring Study materials, including, but not limited to Tutor Notes, Tuition Test Series / Materials, Tuition Assignments, Mock Exams Question Papers, Sample Papers, and, much more. This Tuition Digital Study Material is developed after a lot of research. It adheres to the Tutoring requisites / standards pertaining to the various levels of Schooling, College, and, Leisure / Hobby related Educational, Recreational, and, Adult Learning.

2. These Tuition notes are reasonably priced and could be purchased by contacting the representatives of Wise Turtle Academy or through secure online Digital Payment Gateways.

3. All Tutoring Services and Tutoring Products on Wise Turtle Academy are taxable as per the standard policies, rules, acts, etc..
4. Note that these Tutoring Services could be altered or stopped anytime due to an exigency or due to maintenance work or at management's discretion. No reasons would be cited or queries responded to in such situations. However, Wise Turtle Academy would ensure that such incidents are minimized and where possible a timely communication is sent out to the clients / students.

Looking forward to connecting with you !

Wise Turtle Academy !




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