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Services' Plans :

Wise Turtle Academy offers various customizable and tailor-made learning plans to it's clients of all the ages. Though the content of all the plans depends on the nature of the learning/tuition/career graph opted for, the differences arise in the mode of delivery of these plans.

Based on the various delivery modes, Services' Plans can broadly be classified into the following categories :

a. Home Tuition/Learning Plans :

This learning/tuition plan is generally imparted at the clients' premises and is one of the most sought after option. It empowers the clients to learn in their homely comfortable  environment, where they would be highly productive and receptive to the pedagogy. It is highly recommended for clients who want to avoid the social influences that generally restrict the learning curve. These influences could vary and generally happen out of fear or inhibitions or stigma or stereotyping or embarrassments or disorders or any other reasons. Out of our experience, we know that there can not be a more peaceful environment than one's own home. This plans offers utmost privacy, congenial atmosphere, one-on-one personal interactions and excellent results.

This plan is generally less economical considering the investments and the transportation costs involved.

b. Online Tuition/Remote Learning Plans :

This learning/tuition plan is another mode of learning delivery that is generally imparted using various modern audio-visual Internet tools, technologies and platforms like Google, Skype, etc.. A robust internet connectivity and an operational computer system is a pre-requisite. Here the tutors and the clients can share or present the books and other learning materials on their computer screens and learn using headphones or headsets. This is one of the most revolutionary and modern way of learning,  that has now been widely employed across all institutions of learning. It ensures privacy, locational independence and utmost flexibility to both the clients and the tutors.


Added advantage is that it is bit more economical than  both the home tuitions and group tuitions, due to lower overall investments and no transportation costs.

c. Group Tuition/Learning Plans :

This tuition or learning plan is the most common wherein a group of clients or students are imparted learning services collectively as a group or batch. Here the clients or students can directly compare their learning performance with their group or batch mates and understand where they stand. This way clients or students can know how much and where to improve. The flip side is that the social influences are there in every social group, so even batches and groups may not work for everyone in the same group. So, one needs to be very careful while opting for this plan.

On the economics front, this plan lies in between the Home Tuitions Plan and the Online Tuitions plan, with Home Tuitions plan being the costliest one and Online Tuitions plan being the most economical one.

Above were the various plans classified on the basis of the modes of deliveries. In addition to these plans, there could be minor modifications to customise and tailor-make any of the above plans to limit them on the basis of frequencies and time investments, viz., daily, alternative days, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.. It all depends on the clients' or the students' requirements.

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