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Library Access - Terms & Conditions :

Wise Turtle Academy has it's own repository of rich knowledge base in the form of an ever evolving library that it may share with the learners on need basis as per the following terms and conditions.  

1. Tuition Library Access is granted to the enrolled students / clients only upon submission of a Library Access Request and its subsequent approvals.
2. Tuition Library Access would be tagged with the Level and the related Tutoring Services Enrolled for. Tuition Library Access would remain in force until the Tutoring Services' Termination Day.

3. Subsequent Access to the Tuition Library would still be possible, but, after a nominal fee of Rs.1500 per month only.

4. For re - enrolled students / clients, there would be no additional cost and they can access the Tuition Library like a newly Enrolled Student ( Default Access ) or can request the old access with a nominal payment of only Rs.500 as a one-time payment until the Tutoring Services' Termination Day.

5. Tuition Library would contain a huge evolving Knowledge Base, including, but not limited to Videos, Audios, Recordings, Exercises, Work Sheets, Test Papers, Links, and, much more. All this is to ensure effective and efficient delivery of learning and tutoring objectives.

6. To raise a Tuition Library Request, please reach out to the Wise Turtle Academy's coordinators, as well as, fill out the contact form.

7. Note that these tutoring services could be altered or stopped anytime citing an exigency or due to maintenance or at management's discretion. No reasons would be cited or queries responded to in such situations. However, Wise Turtle Academy would ensure that such incidents are minimized and where ever possible a timely communication be sent out to the impacted clients / students.

Looking forward to connecting with you !

Wise Turtle Academy !


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