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Wise Turtle Academy - General Overview :

Wise Turtle Academy is one of the pioneers in delivering qualitative educational, training, tutoring, coaching, development, and, learning support services, in various modes and formats. Latter encompass, Online Tuitions, &, Online Tutors, Home Tuition, &, Home Tutors, Blended Tuition, &, Blended Tutors, Training, and, many other winning strategies. We have made a lot of success stories and have received several accolades and recognitions from our learners, students, and, clients.


Keen focus and special emphasis is on pedagogical research and it's ensuing real life applications, especially, through blending of Traditional educational Pedagogy with Modern ever Evolving Engineering Technologies, IT platforms, CCT tools, Digital Multimedia strategies, AI based computing techniques,  &, mathematics driven data models.

Such learning approaches effectively and efficiently facilitate leveraging of modern web oriented apps, IT enabled ICT Learning Systems, AI coding Tools, python based data engineering techniques, CCT Technologies, and, state of the art CCT Platforms.

Considering the myriad tutoring, tuition, &, training possibilities, as well as, the imminent impact of the varied educational, quality oriented, scientific learning, and, delivery methodologies, we, at Wise Turtle Academy, peremptorily assess objectively, scope of the learners' / students' capabilities and limitations. We strongly leverage regular, and, on - demand learning assessments for feedback driven data outcomes that could be better customised.

Latter enable us to customize a wonderful and creative learning journey for our learners, students, and, clients. They come from diverse technological, geographical, economic, political, historical, physical, security, philosophical, and, psychological backgrounds.

Here, the learning & tutoring process embeds rich knowledge derived from various real-life situations, examples, and, activities. Special emphasis is laid down upon the adoption and scientific exploration of various internet based learning platforms, multimedia tools, and, mass media technologies, like Google, Bing, etc..

Various Videos, Audios, Pictures, Literature ( English, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit ), Poems, Webinars, Projects, Engineering, Experiments, Recordings, Publications, White Papers, Research Papers, and, more, lay deep foundations for Blended Learning Pedagogy. All these approaches lead to robust and global benchmarked learning outcomes.

Wise Turtle Academy has a team of highly competent and experienced professionals to impart, Online Tuition Classes, Home Tuition Classes, Coaching, Tutoring, Training for the various National and State Level Examinations, including, competitive Entrance Exams.

Latter relates to English medium based Tutoring for various professional courses and the ensuing competitive Entrance Exams, several National & International level competitions, national & international School Olympiads, related school Board examinations, recruitment examinations, like Banking, Law, Economics, English, PSUs Public Sector Undertakings, and, much more. 

Wise Turtle Academy will indeed be delighted to hear back about your Tutoring, Tuitions, Learning and Training requirements. Basis it, we can customize an exclusive tutoring, tuition, training, &, learning plan for you. These plans would be highly contemporaneous, come with very comprehensive study material and on demand regular Test Assessments. All this would align with the opted delivery modes of the tuition / learning services, as well as, cater to the requisites of the tutoring requirements at hand.
We at Wise Turtle Academy ensure that no stones are left unturned in imparting effective and efficient Learning & Training Support Services. We believe in a mix of Traditional and Modern Tutoring /
Learning Pedagogy for our learners, students and clients.

Please do visit our Tutor Services web page to explore various other Educational, Learning & Training Support Services. Do write, or, speak to us, or, visit our Contact Us web page to know more about us.

Looking forward to connecting with you !

Wise Turtle Academy !


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