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Join As Tutor - Terms & Conditions :

1. We look forward to have well qualified and experienced tutoring freelancers on our team of online and home tutors. Tutoring Freelancers should have a passion to teach and deliver value-added tutoring outcomes to their assigned clients/students.

2. Tutoring Freelancers should be flexible and open to Tutor across differing Work Commitments, Work Hours and Work Windows, though, we try our best to assign clients/students as per your Tutoring preferences (To be updated by you in the form on this page). 

3. All interested candidates can enroll themselves as a Tutor by filling up the form here.

4. Once you submit the completed forms, we'll work out the match between your tutoring preferences and the tutoring assignments. 

5. Upon a successful tutoring match-making, we'll reach out to you and explain further steps of the tutoring enrollment process.

6. Please note that to cater to the online tuition & online tutor teaching delivery mode, following are the requisites (To be arranged by the Freelancers only):

Robust Computer System, High Speed Broadband Internet Connection, Good Headset, A Peaceful Area to Work In

7. Please note that to cater to the home tuition & home tutor teaching delivery mode, one should be ready to travel and reach the clients'/students' premises timely using own transportation mode. Home Tuition & Home Tutor Freelancers need to maintain utmost integrity, timeliness, punctuality and professionalism while interacting with the clients/students, as well as, their related social environment. Tutoring Freelancers should be completely responsible for their on-the-work conduct and avoid getting involved or participating in all sorts of anti-social activities.

Looking forward to connect with you !

Wise Turtle Academy !