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Join As Tutor - Compliance Terms & Conditions :

Process for On - Boarding Home / Online Tutors :

Wise Turtle Academy would like to welcome tutoring applications from competent and well qualified candidates. These candidates / applicants would be  considered for relevant and right fitting opportunities. Latter may pertain to existing or upcoming roles and assignments. Following are the step wise mandatory compliances to be met by all the applicants, with no discrimination.


All the following sequential steps ought to be followed to the hilt, with no deviations. Please study these steps carefully, and, thoroughly, to do the needful.

1. We look forward to have well qualified and experienced tutoring freelancers on our team as online and home tutors. Tutoring Freelancers should have a passion to teach and deliver value - oriented tutoring outcomes to their assigned clients / students.

2. Tutoring Freelancers should be flexible and open to Tutor across differing Work Commitments, Work Hours, and, Work Windows, though, we may try our best to assign clients / students as per tutors' preferences ( To be updated by potential tutors on the Contact Us web page). 

3. All interested candidates can apply to on-board themselves as a Tutor by going through the following mandatory steps. Absence of any of the steps would render the applicant's candidature as rejected.

3.1 Fill up the online visitor form over our Contact Us web page, with as much relevant information as possible.

3.2 Share complete 5 minutes video resume, complete up to date text resume, relevant covering letters ( bearing written consent for police verification / background verification of submitted documents / information / referrals / etc, ), 5 minutes separate good quality sample videos for each of the subjects that you wish to teach, 6 reference checks ( 3 work related, 3 personal ), valid address proofs, and, valid photo ID proofs over Wise Turtle Academy's both official communication channels, viz, the email ID, and, the official whatsapp number.


All these measures are to ensure that we hire competent, genuine, and, law abiding candidates, as well as, to record potential candidature for existing, upcoming or future openings at our end.

3.3 We may anytime conduct police verification of the submitted documents, as well as, a holistic background verification, covering past employment history, criminal checks, documents' verification, and, 6 reference checks. Candidates should agree to such police verification and background verification in writing within the covering letters.

4. Once you submit the completed forms, and, the documentation is fully in place, we initiate the assessment and interview phase, wherein, we attempt to understand about your work expectations. This process enables us to work out a match between your tutoring preferences and available relevant tutoring assignments. 

5. Upon a successful tutoring match - making, we'll reach out to you to explain further steps of the onboarding process.

6. Please note that to cater to the online tuitions, online tutoring, and, online teaching delivery modes, following compulsory requisites are to be managed by the Freelancers only :

A Robust Computer System,

High Speed Broadband Internet Connection,

Good Headsets,

A Digital Pen & Tablet ( To Work in Online White Boards ),

A Peaceful Area to Work In,


A Positive attitude and outlook towards life.

7. Please note that to cater to home tuitions, home tutoring, home teaching, and, home delivery assignments, one should be open to travel to the clients' / students' premises, well ahead of time, using own transportation modes.


8. Home Tuitions, &, Home Tutoring, freelancers ought to maintain utmost integrity, timeliness, punctuality, and, complete professionalism, while interacting with the clients / students. They should ensure this compliance through out the duration of the performance of the tutoring engagement. Tutors should also be sensitive and mindful of the lawful ask and demands of the ensuing social environment.


9. Tutoring Freelancers should be completely responsible for their on - the - work conduct. They should avoid getting themselves involved, directly or indirectly, in any sort of anti - social or lawless activities or actions. Strict legal actions may be taken against willful law violators, whose actions directly or indirectly tarnish the image, reputation, or, cause direct or indirect legal or financial liabilities for the Academy.


Wise Turtle Academy would expect tutors to completely adhere with the laws of the land, as well as, fully comply to the moral code of conduct expected of a responsible citizen, which forms the foundation of this tutor onboarding process.

Looking forward to connecting with you !

Wise Turtle Academy !

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