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Tutor Services - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How does Wise Turtle Academy work?

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Can I work with the same Tutor again?

Wise Turtle Academy is an institution of learning that offers educational Learning Support and tutoring services through Home Tuition Classes, Online Tuition Classes, Blended Tuition Classes, Training and  IT Projects to all age groups.


The prospects need to determine their learning requirements and connect with the representatives of Wise Turtle Academy over phone or through messaging, writing an email or filling up a contact form. Please go through the information contained on this website and understand it properly. It'll help you determine the right tutoring services that fit your requirements.

Wise Turtle Academy will be delighted to re-connect it's non-existing or existing students/clients to the same Tutors again. Whatever be the reasons, we will be happy to sustain a long lasting tutoring & learning relationship among the Tutors and the students/clients.


It all depends on the availability of the Tutoring bandwidth, considering, other prior Tutoring assignments or engagements with the concerned tutor(s).

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What assistance can I get from Wise Turtle Academy ?

Wise Turtle Academy can assist all the students or clients right from the school through college levels to IT Training & Projects, through various Tutoring Services, including but not limited to Home Tuition Classes, Online Tuition Classes, Blended Tuition Classes, etc..

All School Subjects and all School Classes from Class 1 to 12 are covered. All College Level Courses related to Tutoring of Engineering and Management studies are completely covered. Even several Specialised Information Technology and Computer Programming Oriented  Training and Projects are also delivered. 

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Can I review my previous sessions?

Wise Turtle Academy, in fact, encourages a review of all the Tutoring Sessions, including the previous and the ongoing ones. Students/clients are free to review all the previous sessions and list out all their doubts for clarifications in the subsequent Tutoring classes. 

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How do I get a Tutor?
What's the minimum time to work with a Tutor?
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Wise Turtle Academy representatives are available throughout the week to receive your calls, messages and mails. These representatives are expert Tutoring counsellors with several years of tutoring experience. They will advise and connect you with the right tutors, as well as, schedule a tutoring consultative visit within the agreed time lines.

Wise Turtle Academy Tutor Services are completely students' or clients' oriented, and, thus, the minimum time required to work with a Tutor can be discussed mutually. Tutoring Service is completely negotiable. It all depends on the Tutoring bandwidth available with the concerned Tutor.

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