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Tutor Services - Testimonials

Students' Comments

Parents' Comments

“I enrolled myself into the Home Tuition Classes and express my deep satisfaction with the quality of Learning & Tutoring  Services offered. All the Learning Outcomes were easily achieved. It was indeed a wonderful learning journey, wherein, traditional learning methodology was blended with the modern Information Technology Tools, Technologies and Platforms to enhance the learning process.”

— Harsh, Greater Noida

“Online Tuition for Science and Mathematics turned out to be a good decision for me. I could understand the concepts more clearly, as well as, relate them to the real world applications. My marks got improved significantly and I'm now more confident in my learning abilities.”

— Shreya, Noida

“Online Tuition with English Learning Objectives was conducted with utmost professionalism and concluded on a positive note. Upon tutoring completion, I was able to articulate and speak more confidently in General English. Though there is always a scope for improvement, the initial tutoring objectives were completely fulfilled.”

— Aditya, Delhi


“Group Tuition had been conducted in the most systematic and well organised manner. Pedagogy had been excellent and the adoption of internet tools, technologies and platforms have been awesome. This has really shortened the learning curve and made learning a more wonderful experience for me.”

— Harshit, Delhi

“Home Tuition was delivered in a methodical and systematic  way with keen attention towards the student's weaknesses and strengths. Creative and innovative measures were taken up to convert those weaknesses into strengths. Special focus was given to the learning disorder that the student suffered from. This led to significant improvements in the student's grades/marks.”


— Harsh's Parents, Greater Noida

“Innovative and creative tutoring approaches were devised to understand different concepts and then relate them to real life situations or objects or scenarios. Unconventional activities and experiments were meticulously planned and implemented. Would recommend Wise Turtle Academy to other parents as well.”


— Shreya's Parents, Noida

“My Child reported recognizing and comprehending most of the learning & tutoring objectives. We are highly satisfied with the pedagogy that Wise Turtle Academy prescribes and follows.”

— Aditya's Parents , Delhi


“We have closely observed Harsh improving his learning and comprehension skills. He is now more confident than he was before. His Maths and Science concepts are far better than before.”


— Harshit's Parents, Delhi

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