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Online Tuition & Its Benefits

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Online Tuition is the future of modern education. The huge amount of time spent in traversing from one corner of the city to another has it's own economic repercussions. The cost is further compounded by transportation, jams and ensuing delays. For instance, the living costs varies from one part of the city to another. Majority of the young population stays in areas with low living costs. To further the cause of receiving quality education and to derive the best out of the limited time at hand, one often needs to travel, thus, leading to enormous time losses. These losses, if converted into economic value, would be huge figures, forming significant chunk of a nation's economy.

The solution is to leverage upon Information Technology and embrace Online delivery of Quality education where ever possible. Online Tuition, thus, has it's own benefits in saving time, in enabling efficient usage of time, in matching competent tutors with their students and much more. The time thus saved could be more effectively and efficiently employed in more meaningful activities or causes.

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