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JurisPrudence 1 (LLB, LLM, LegalStudies)

JurisPrudence 1 lays foundation for Legal Education covering LLB & LLM

  • 1 h
  • 600 Indian rupees
  • Online or Office or Classroom or Home Location

Service Description

JurisPrudence 1 lays foundation for Legal Education coverin LLB & LLM courses. Latter are highly specialised and professional in nature. They develop professionals who can understand and interpret contemporary governing legal framework. Jurisprudence is derived from combination of Latin words, viz, Juris meaning "Law" and Prudentia meaning "Forethought" or "Knowledge". It is akin to Grammar of Law and leads to the formation of a body of consolidated Legal Knowledge. In India, it has been around since ancient ages and manifested through our Vedic texts, Dharam Shastras, Purans, Upanishads and other religious texts. Almost every religion is more or less connected with this repository of Legal Knowledge by various materialistic or spiritual interpretations. Jurisprudence as a research discipline is constantly evolving and have various scholars, as well as practicing professionals associated with it. who through scientific process of deduction, observation, hypothesis, inferences, experiences and more continue to build upon this Legal discipline. Since time immemorial, various schools of thoughts have brainstormed upon the scope of this discipline and thus, led to the creation of today's Jurisprudence framework. Several Legal parlances, concepts, connotations, and key words talk about the subject of Jurisprudence. Analytical Positivism is one of the products of Analytical School of Thought. The main proponents of this Analytical School are John Austin, Kelsen and HLA Hart. Historical School is the second School of thought that builds about the historical learnings and emphasises upon it. Key proponents of Historical School are Frederick Karl Von Savigny and Sir Henry Sumner Maine. Third School of thought relates to Natural Law School and focuses upon the freely manifesting aspects of Law. Natural Law School comprises of classical and modern aspects. Notable proponents of Natural Law are Rudolf Stammler & Kohler. Fourth School of thought relates to Sociological manifestations, Social Engineering and Social Solidarity. Key proponents of Sociological School are Roscoe Pound and Dugit. Fifth School of Law philosophy relates with Economic Approach of Law that takes into consideration the micro economic and macro economic influences upon the legal framework. Explore Our Link:

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