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Wise Turtle Academy has very good experience in delivering "Python Scripting, Python
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Outline of Syllabus for Python Programming, Coding & Scripting - Class 11th ( 11 - XI ) :

Computer System ( Introduction to Computer System, Evolution of Computer, Computer Memory, Data Transfer between Memory and CPU, Microprocessors, Data and Information, Software, Operating System ) ; Encoding Schemes and Number System ( Introduction, Number System, Conversion between Number Systems ) ; Emerging Trends ( Introduction, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Blockchains ) ; Introduction to Problem Solving ( Introduction, Steps for Problem Solving, Algorithm, Representation of Algorithms, Flow of Control, Verifying Algorithms, Comparison of Algorithm, Coding, Decomposition ) ; Getting Started with Python ( Introduction to Python, Python Keywords, Identifiers, Variables, Comments, Everything is an Object, Data Types, Operators, Expressions, Statement, Input and Output, Type Conversion, Debugging ) ; Flow of Control ( Introduction, Selection, Indentation, Repetition, Break and Continue Statement, Nested Loops ) ; Functions ( Introduction, Functions, User Defined Functions, Scope of a Variable, Python Standard Library ) ; Strings ( Introduction, Strings, String Operations, Traversing a String, String Methods and Built-in Functions, Handling Strings ) ; Lists ( Introduction to List, List Operations, Traversing a List, List Methods and Built-in Functions, Nested Lists, Copying Lists, List as Arguments to Function, List Manipulation ) ; Tuples and Dictionaries ( Introduction to Tuples, Tuple Operations, Tuple Methods and Built-in Functions, Tuple Assignment, Nested Tuples, Tuple Handling, Introduction to Dictionaries, Dictionaries are Mutable, Dictionary Operations, Traversing a Dictionary, Dictionary Methods and Built-in functions, Manipulating Dictionaries ) ; Societal Impact ( Introduction, Digital Footprints, Digital Society and Netizen, Data Protection, Cyber Crime, Indian Information Technology Act (IT Act), Impact on Health )

Outline of Syllabus for Python Programming, Coding & Scripting - Class 12th ( 12 - XII ) :

Exception Handling in Python ( Introduction, Syntax Errors, Exceptions, Built-in Exceptions, Raising Exceptions, Handling Exceptions, Finally Clause ) ; File Handling in Python ( Introduction to Files, Types of Files, Opening and Closing a Text File, Writing to a Text File, Reading from a Text File, Setting Offsets in a File, Creating and Traversing a Text File, The Pickle Module ); Stack ( Introduction, Stack, Operations on Stack, Implementation of Stack in Python, Notations for Arithmetic Expressions, Conversion from Infix to Postfix Notation, Evaluation of Postfix Expression ) ; Queue ( Introduction to Queue, Operations on Queue, Implementation of Queue using Python, Introduction to Deque, Implementation of Deque using Python ) ; Sorting ( Introduction, Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Time Complexity of Algorithms ) ; Searching ( Introduction, Linear Search, Binary Search, Search by Hashing ) ; Understanding Data ( Introduction to Data, Data Collection, Data Storage, Data Processing, Statistical Techniques for Data Processing ) ; Database Concepts ( Introduction, File System, Database Management System, Relational Data Model, Keys in a Relational Database ) ; Structured Query Language (SQL) ( Introduction, Structured Query Language (SQL), Data Types and Constraints in MySQL, SQL for Data Definition, SQL for Data Manipulation, SQL for Data Query, Data Updation and Deletion, Functions in SQL, GROUP BY Clause in SQL, Operations on Relations, Using Two Relations in a Query ) ; Computer Networks ( Introduction to Computer Networks, Evolution of Networking, Types of Networks, Network Devices, Networking Topologies, Identifying Nodes in a Networked Communication, Internet, Web and the Internet of Things, Domain Name System ) ; Data Communication ( Concept of Communication, Components of data Communication, Measuring Capacity of Communication Media, Types of Data Communication, Switching Techniques, Transmission Media, Mobile Telecommunication Technologies, Protocol ) ; Security Aspects ( Threats and Prevention, Malware, Antivirus, Spam, HTTP vs HTTPS, Firewall, Cookies, Hackers and Crackers, Network Security Threats ) ; Project Based Learning ( Introduction, Approaches for Solving Projects, Teamwork, Project Descriptions )

Wise Turtle Academy is absolutely sure that it's quality conscious and comprehensive "Python Scripting, Python Coding, Python Programming Language Home/Online Tutors & Tuition Classes" will benefit the students immensely. The Online tutors come from various educational backgrounds, namely, Engineering, Management, Medical, Humanities, Commerce, and more. Thus, with adequate qualification and the rich experience carried by Online & Home tutors, it'll be an easy task to instruct, guide and tutor the students. Trust and mutual understanding between Online & Home Tutors and Students near me in Greater Noida & West will go a long way to effect an efficient delivery of "Python Scripting, Python Coding, Python Programming Languages Home/Online Tutors & Tuition Classes".

Outline of Python Trainer's course content related to IT Python trainings near me in Greater Noida & West :

1) Introduction to Python (1 hours)

What is Python.

Why should I learn Python.

Installing Python.

How to execute Python Programs

2) Variables and Data types (3 hours)

Python Variables

Python Numbers

Python Strings

Python Lists

Python Tuples

Python Dictionaries

Python Sets

Python Arrays

Python Operators


3) Conditional Statements and Loops in Python (3 hours)

Python If…Else, If Elif else Loop

Python While else Loops

Python For else Loops

Global vs Local variable in Python


4) Control Statements in Python (3 hours)

Return Statement

Continue Statement

Break statement

Pass statement


5) Functions (4 hours)

Functions Concept in Python

creating a function

calling a python function

Arguments in function –Formal and Actual Arguments

Types of Actual Arguments – Positional, Keyword, Default, Variable length, Keyword variable length

Built-in functions – Filter, Map, Reduce

Function Recursion


Generators in Python

Iterators in Python

Search algorithms in Python – Binary\Selection\Bubble


6) Modules and Packages (4 hours)

Importing Modules

Creating Module

Use a Module

Renaming Modules

Built-in Modules

Special Variable __name__

Multithreading in Python

Search algorithms in Python – Linear\Binary\Bubble\Selection


7) Classes and Objects (4 hours)

Understanding Class and Object - Conceptual

__init__ - Understanding role of constructor

Types of variables and methods in Class

Inner Class

Class Inheritance – Single level, Multi-level and Multiple


Polymorphism – Duck Typing, Method Overloading, Method Overriding, Operator Overloading



8) File and Exception Handling (3 hours)

File handling\Read files

Write\Create files

Delete files

Try…except…finally statement


9) Python Libraries (2 hours)

Essential Python Libraries

Anaconda Installation & Setup

Jupyter Lab\Notebook Overview (Anaconda Distribution)


10) NumPy Arrays (4 hours)

Creating multi-dimensional arrays

NumPy Data Types

Array attributes

Indexing and Slicing

Manipulating array shapes


11) Introduction to Pandas (3 hours)

Installing Pandas


Joining Dataframes

Handling missing data

Concatenating\Appending dataframes


12) Python Regular Expressions (3 hours)

Match function

Search function

Match vs String function

Search and Replace

Extended Regular Expression


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