Wise Turtle Academy is an initiative by a team of industry veterans to deliver Quality Oriented, Value Driven and Contemporary Learning Support Services to the masses. All this is achieved through IT-Enabled Online Tuition Classes (OTC) and personal ( Private, Home ) Tuition  Classes (HTC). These services are covered in the Greater Noida areas near me and near you ( viz., Pari Chowk, Omaxe NRI City, Eldeco Greens, Unitech Habitat, Ace Infrastructure, Super Tech Czar Suites Omicron 1/2/3, IFS Society Pari Chowk, SDS NRI Residency Pari Chowk, The Palms Pocket P 7, ATS Pristine, Jaypee Greens Pari Chowk, Metro Line, Sectors Alpha 1, Alpha Commercial Belt, Beta 1, Alpha 2, Beta 2, Gamma 1, Omega 1, Gamma 2, Omega 2, Chi 1, Omega 3, Chi 2, Omega 4, Chi 3, Xu 1, Phi 1, Xu 2, Phi 2, Xu 3, Sigma 1, Phi 3, Sigma 2, Sigma 3, AWHO Societies, Zeta 1, Phi 4, Zeta 2, Zeta 3, Omicron 1, Omicron 2, Omicron 3, Knowledge Park 1 ( KP 1 ) KP I, Knowledge Park 2 ( KP 2 ) KP II, Knowledge Park 3 ( KP 3 ) KP III, Tughalpur Village, Jagat Farm, LG Chowk, Surajpur, Kasna, The Oasis ) ( West ), Delhi ( viz., South Delhi ( East of Kailash, Kailash Hills, Lajpat Nagar, Okhla Phase 1, Okhla Phase 2, Okhla Phase 3, Srinivaspuri, Kalkaji, Nehru Place, Sant Nagar ), North Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi), Noida ( viz., ATS Pristine, Sectors 150, Sector 144, Sector 148, Sector 125, Sector 78 ), Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Alwar, Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Wise Turtle Academy's tutoring services near me and near you are highly customisable and could be tailor-made to the requirements of it's students and clients. We have been into Teaching, Tutoring, Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Consultancy Services for quite some time now. We have reasonable experience imparting effective and efficient Learning Support Services through our highly competent, qualified, experienced, expert Tutors, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches & Mentors. Top tutors with good experience and adequate qualification deliver online & home tutoring, training and tuition services near me(my) and your areas.

Wise Turtle Academy offers it's well-designed, well-tested tutoring services' pedagogy with reasonable pricing options near me and near you, right from School and College level ( via Home Tutors, Online Tutors, Home Tuition Classes, Online Tuition Classes, Blended Tutors, Trainers, Homework Assistance, Doubt Clarifications, Assessments, Tests etc., ) through professional trainings pertaining to advanced communication skills development, Learning & Delivering English ( Basic English, Spoken English, English Comprehension, Written English, English Accent Trainings, English Phonetics Trainings, English Linguistics, English Vocabulary Development, Advanced & Modern English Grammar, Classical & Modern English Poetry, English Precis Writing, English Extempore Delivery Skills, Group Discussions in English, Comprehending English Literature), Learning Foreign Languages ( French Language, German Language ), English Debates' Skills' Development, English Extempore Learning & Development, IT Technical Trainings, Non-IT Technical Trainings, Non-Technical Trainings, Corporate Trainings, Computer Programming & Training, Pharmacy Subjects' Tuition, National Level Competitive Entrance Exams' Preparation Assistance, viz., Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mathematical & Logical Data Interpretation, Aptitude & Interview Skills Development Support Assistance ( Tuition, Tutors, Teachers & Coaching ), Engineering Entrance Exams' Coaching & Tuition, Management Entrance  Exams' Coaching & Tuition, Hotel Management Entrance Exams Coaching & Tuitions ( NHMCT Entrance Exams ), and much more, has solutions to all.
Wise Turtle Academy takes up different School Tutoring, Teaching, Coaching assignments for all school boards near me and near you, viz., CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, NIOS, Private & State Boards. Latter relate to common School Classes, viz., Class 1st ( 1 / I ), 2nd ( 2 / II ), 3rd ( 3 / III ), 4th ( 4 / IV ), 5th ( 5 / V ), 6th ( 6 / VI ), 7th ( 7 / VII ), 8th ( 8 / VIII ), 9th ( 9 / IX ), 10th ( 10 / X ), 11th ( 11 / XI ), 12th ( 12 / XII ) and include following common Subjects and Syllabi, viz., Social Science, General Science, Political Science, History, Civics, Geography, Economics ( Microeconomics, Macroeconomics ), Management, Commerce, Social Studies - SST, Humanities, Accountancy, Computer Science, Coding, Arts, Computer Programming, Hindi, Perl Coding, Coding Projects, Robotics & Process Automations, Robotics Framework, Robocorp Automations, Python Programming ( Python Scripting, Python Coding & Python Automations ), Programming Computer Language, C++ Programming Computer Language, SanskritGraphics Designing & Development, Computer Games Coding & Development, Applied Maths, Mathematics, Home Science, English, Physics, Chemistry ( Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry ), Biology, Botany, Zoology, General Knowledge, Arts & Crafts, Drawing & Painting, Painting WorkshopsBusiness Studies, etc..  

Outline of General Science ( G.Sc. ) Syllabus for Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 th : 

General Science Outline Content  - Chemical Reactions & Equations, Acids & Bases & Salts, Metals & Non-Metals, Carbon & it's compounds, periodic classification of elements, Life Processes, Control & Coordination, Reproduction, Heredity & Evolution, Light Reflection & Refraction, Human Eye Science, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Energy Sources, Environmental Science, Natural Resources Sustainable Management, Atoms & Molecules, Life Units, Tissues, Diversity in life, Force & Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Work & Energy, Food Resources, Microorganisms, Synthetic Fibres & Plastics, Materials Metals & Non Metals, Coal & Petroleum, Combustion & Flame, Conservation of Plants & Animals, Cell Structure & Functions, Force & Pressure, Friction, Sound, Solar Systems & Stars, Air & Water Pollution, Nutrition in Plants & Animals, Fibre to Fabric, Heat, Physical & Chemical Changes, Climate & Weather & Adaptations, Winds & Storms & Cyclones, Soil, Respiration, Transportation, Motion & Time, Forests & Waste Water Management, Sorting Materials, Body Movements ), etc..

Outline of Applied Maths, Engineering Mathematics, Conventional Maths Syllabus for Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 th :  

Trigonometry, Probability Mathematics, Polynomials, Real Numbers, Quadratic Equations Maths, Linear Equations, Arithmetic Progression Mathematics, Geometric Progression, Triangles , Coordinate Geometry, Circles Mathematics, Geometric Constructions, Surface Areas & Volumes, Statistics, Proofs in Mathematics, Deductive Reasoning, Sets, Relations & Functions in Mathematics, Trigonometric Functions, Principles of Mathematical Inductions, Complex Numbers, Mathematical Linear Equalities, Permutations & Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Sequence & Series, Straight Lines in Maths, Conic Sections, Three Dimensional Geometry, Limits & Derivatives, Mathematical Reasoning, Infinite Series, Matrices & Determinants in Maths, Continuity & Differentiability in Maths, Application of derivatives, Mathematical Proofs, Application of Integrals, Differential Equations, Vector Algebra, Linear Programming in Maths, Number Systems, Euclid's Geometry, Lines & Angles in Mathematics, Quadrilaterals, Areas of Parallelograms & Triangles in Maths, Heron's Formula, Rational Numbers, Data Handling, Squares & Square Roots, Cubes & Cube Roots, Comparing Quantities, Algebraic Expressions & Identities, Mensuration, Visualising Solid Shapes, Exponents & Powers, Direct & Inverse Proportions, Factorisations, Mathematical Graphs, Integers, Fractions & Decimals, Congruence Theorems & Axioms, Perimeters & Areas, Ratios & Proportions, Mathematical Symmetry, Maths Integrations & Differentiation, Integral Calculus, Differential Calculus )
To reiterate the most common subjects as well as technical trainings delivered near me and near you relate to Business Studies, Python Coding Workshops, Physics, Summer Coding Camps, Chemistry - Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Winter Coding Camps, Biology, Coding Workshops,  Botany, Zoology, Painting Workshops, Economics - Micro-economics & Macro-economics ( Eco ), Arts Workshops, Political Science ( Pol Science ), History, Crafts Workshops, Civics, Geography, Python Coding Bootcamps, Hindi, Drawing Workshops, English, Sanskrit, Spring Programming & Coding Workshops, Computer Science & Engineering CSE, Summer Programming Workshops, Computer Coding & Scripting, Computer Programming Languages, Programming Bootcamps, Information Technology IT, EVS, Environmental Sciences, Commerce, Applied Mathematics, Accountancy, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Arts & Crafts Classes, Drawing & Painting Classes. IIT - JEE & NEET entrance examination preparations are also conducted in batches for serious students & clients.

Outline of Physics Syllabus for Class ( 11 - XI ) - 11th - Part 1 :

Physical World ( Physics - Fundamental forces in nature ; Physics, technology and society ; Nature of Physical Laws ), Units & Measurements ( Physics - international system of units ; Measurement of length & mass & time ; Accuracy, Precision of instruments and errors in measurement ; Significant figures ; Dimensions of physical quantities ; Dimensional formulae and dimensional equations ; Dimensional analysis and its applications ) , Motion in a Straight Line ( Physics - Introduction ; Position, path length and displacement ; Average velocity and average speed ; Instantaneous velocity and speed ; Acceleration ;  Kinematic equations for uniformly accelerated motion ; Relative velocity ), Motion in a Plane ( Physics - Scalars and vectors ; Multiplication of vectors by real numbers ; Addition and subtraction of vectors – graphical method ; Resolution of vectors ; Vector addition – analytical method ; Motion in a plane ; Motion in a plane with constant acceleration ; Relative velocity in two dimensions ; Projectile motion ; Uniform circular motion ), Laws of Motion ( Physics - Aristotle’s fallacy ; The law of inertia ; Newton’s first law of motion ; Newton’s second law of motion ; Newton’s third law of motion ; Conservation of momentum ; Equilibrium of a particle ; Common forces in mechanics ; Circular motion ; Solving problems in mechanics ), Work, Energy & Power ( Physics - Notions of work and kinetic energy : The work-energy theorem ; Work ; Kinetic energy ; Work done by a variable force ; The work-energy theorem for a variable force ; The concept of potential energy ; The conservation of mechanical energy ; The potential energy of a spring ; Various forms of energy : the law of conservation of energy ; Power ; Collisions ), System of Particles & Rotational Motion ( Physics - Centre of mass ; Motion of centre of mass ; Linear momentum of a system of particles ; Vector product of two vectors ; Angular velocity and its relation with linear velocity ; Torque and angular momentum ; Equilibrium of a rigid body  ; Moment of inertia ; Theorems of perpendicular and parallel axes ; Kinematics of rotational motion about a fixed axis ; Dynamics of rotational motion about a fixed axis ; Angular momentum in case of rotations about a fixed axis ; Rolling motion ), Gravitation ( Physics - Kepler’s laws ; Universal law of gravitation ; The gravitational constant ; Acceleration due to gravity of the earth ; Acceleration due to gravity below and above the surface of earth ; Gravitational potential energy ; Escape speed ; Earth satellite ; Energy of an orbiting satellite ; Geostationary and polar satellites ; Weightlessness ) 

Outline of Physics Syllabus for Class ( 11 - XI ) - 11th - Part 2 :

 Mechanical Properties of Solids ( Physics - Elastic behaviour of solids ; Stress and strain ; Hooke’s law ; Stress-strain curve ; Elastic moduli ; Applications of elastic behaviour of materials ), Mechanical Properties of Fluids ( Physics - Pressure ; Streamline flow ; Bernoulli’s principle ; Viscosity ; Surface tension ), Thermal Properties of Matter ( Physics - Temperature and heat ; Measurement of temperature ; Ideal-gas equation and absolute temperature ; Thermal expansion ; Specific heat capacity ; Calorimetry ; Change of state ; Heat transfer ; Newton’s law of cooling ), Thermodynamics ( Physics - Thermal equilibrium ; Zeroth law of thermodynamics ; Heat, internal energy and work ; First law of thermodynamics ; Specific heat capacity ; Thermodynamic state variables and equation of state ; Thermodynamic processes ; Heat engines ; Refrigerators and heat pumps ; Second law of thermodynamics ; Reversible and irreversible processes ; Carnot engine ), Kinetic Theory ( Physics - Molecular nature of matter ; Behaviour of gases ; Kinetic theory of an ideal gas ; Law of equipartition of energy ; Specific heat capacity ; Mean free path ), Oscillations ( Physics - Periodic and oscillatory motions ; Simple harmonic motion ; Simple harmonic motion and uniform circular motion ; Velocity and acceleration in simple harmonic motion ; Force law for simple harmonic motion ; Energy in simple harmonic motion ; Some systems executing Simple Harmonic Motion ; Damped simple harmonic motion ; Forced oscillations and resonance ), Waves ( Physics - Transverse and longitudinal waves ; Displacement relation in a progressive wave ; The speed of a travelling wave ; The principle of superposition of waves ; Reflection of waves ; Beats ; Doppler effect )

Outline of Geography Syllabus for Classes ( 11 - XI ) - 11th and ( 12 - XII ) - 12th :

Geography as a Discipline, The Origin and Evolution of the Earth, Interior of the Earth, Distribution of Oceans and Continents, Landforms, Minerals and Rocks, Geomorphic Processes, Landforms and their Evolution, Climate, Composition and Structure of Atmosphere, Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature, Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems, Water in the Atmosphere, World Climate and Climate Change, Water (Oceans), Movements of Ocean Water, Life on the Earth, Biodiversity and Conservation; Human Geography, Nature and Scope, The World Population, Distribution, Density and Growth, Population Composition, Human Development, Primary Activities, 
Secondary Activities, Tertiary and Quaternary Activities, Transport and Communication, International Trade, Human Settlements; Population : Distribution, Density, Growth and Composition, Migration : Types, Causes and Consequences, Human Development, Human Settlements, Land Resources and Agriculture, Water Resources, Mineral and Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries, Planning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context, Transport and Communication, International Trade, Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems; India — Location, Physiography, Structure and Physiography, Drainage System, Climate, Vegetation And Soil, Climate, Natural Vegetation, Soils, Natural Hazards And Disasters: Causes, Consequences And Management, Natural Hazards and Disasters, States, Their Capitals, Number Of Districts, Area And Population, Union Territories, Their Capitals, Area And Population, Important River Basins, State/Union Territory Wise Forest Cover, National Parks Of India; Introduction to Maps,  Map Scale, Latitude, Longitude and Time, Map Projections, Topographical Maps, Introduction To Aerial Photographs, Introduction To Remote Sensing, Weather Instruments, Maps and Charts; 

Outline of History Syllabus for Class ( 11 - XI ) - 11th - Part 1 :

Early Societies ( Timeline I (6 MYA TO 1 BCE), Theme I: From the Beginning of Time, Theme 2: Writing and City Life ) ; Empires ( Introduction, 
Timeline II (C. 100 BCE TO 1300 CE), Theme 3: An Empire Across Three Continents, Theme 4: The Central Islamic Lands, Theme 5: Nomadic Empires ); Changing Traditions ( Introduction, Timeline III (C.1300 TO 1700), Theme 6: The Three Orders, Theme 7: Changing Cultural Traditions, Theme 8: Confrontation of Cultures ); Towards Modernisation ( Introduction, Timeline IV (C.1700 TO 2000), Theme 9: The Industrial Revolution, Theme 10: Displacing Indigenous Peoples, Theme 11: Paths to Modernisation );

Outline of History Syllabus for Class ( 12 - XII ) - 12th - Part 1,2,3 :

Theme One ( Bricks Beads And Bones, The Harappan Civilisation ), Theme Two ( Kings Farmers And Towns, Early States and Economies (c. 600 BCE -600 CE) ), Theme Three ( Kinship Caste And Class, Early Societies (c. 600 BCE -600 CE) ), Theme Four ( Thinkers Beliefs And Buildings, Cultural Developments (c. 600 BCE -600 CE) ), Theme Five ( Through The Eyes Of Travellers, Perceptions of Society (c. tenth to seventeenth century) ), Theme Six ( Bhakti-Sufi Traditions, Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (c. eighth to eighteenth century), Theme Seven ( An Imperial Capital : Vijayanagara (c. fourteenth to sixteenth century) ), Theme Eight ( Peasants  Zamindars And The State, Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire (c. sixteenth-seventeenth centuries) ), Theme Nine ( Kings And Chronicles, The Mughal Courts (c. sixteenth-seventeenth centuries) ), Theme Ten ( Colonialism And The CountrySide, Exploring Official Archives ), Theme Eleven ( Rebels And The Raj, 1857 Revolt and Its Representations ), Theme Twelve ( Colonial Cities, Urbanisation, Planning and Architecture ), Theme Thirteen ( Mahatma Gandhi And The Nationalist Movement, Civil  Disobedience and Beyond ), Theme Fourteen ( Understanding Partition Politics, Memories, Experiences ), Theme Fifteen ( Framing The Constitution, The Beginning of a New Era )


Wise Turtle Academy also takes up different College level, ITI level, polytechnic level Tutoring & Coaching assignments near me and near you. These assignments relate to various disciplines, including, but not limited to Engineering ( Polytechnics, ITIs, BE, BTech, ME, MTech ), Management ( BBA, MBA, Management Studies ), Pharmacy ( Allopathy, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy  Pharmacies or Pharmacy ), Law ( LLB - Bachelor of Legislative Laws - Various Semesters & Years Tutoring Support ) , etc.,. A few common Subjects are Operations Research, Marketing Research, Statistics, Probability, Decision Support systems, Business Processes Re-engineering, Autonomics Based Automations, Distributed Computing, Relational & Non-Relational Distributed Databases ( viz., Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase,  SQL, PL-SQL, Cassandra, NOSQL, MongoDB, etc. ), Finance, Marketing & Human Resources disciplines ).

Wise Turtle Academy does offer niche Information Technology trainings, private trainers and consultancy services. Some of the trainings relate to contemporary common programming ( coding languages, tools ) like Python, Perl, Java, Linux, Unix, Power-Shell, Selenium, Windows, Shell Scripting, C, C++, Pascal, Data Structures & Algorithms, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, IT Networking, etc.. Trainings around common cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platforms (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Dev-ops are also delivered. Our IT trainers are quite competent, experienced and have hands-on knowledge about the dynamic Information Technology landscape.

Wise Turtle Academy also covers & offers expert trainers, trainings & consultancy services near me and near you related to automation tools and technologies like Robotics & Process Automation (RPA), viz, Blue Prism RPA, UIpath RPA, Automation Anywhere RPA, 1Desk RPA & Autonomics, Amelia ChatBots & Cognitive Automations, Speech Recognition Engines' ( Alexa, Google, IBM Watson, etc.. ) Frameworks' Implementations, Natural Language Processing - NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Automated Testing Frameworks, 1RPA, IPsoft's IPcenter or IPcentre & IPautomata based IT Autonomics frameworks, etc.. On the Digital Marketing & Transformation front, various Internet search engines, viz., Google, Yahoo, Bing are very effectively & efficiently optimised or optimized, i.e.,  excellent Search Engine Optimisations or Optimizations (SEO) are carried out, as well as, the Digital Marketing campaigns through modern digital marketing platforms & tools, viz., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are successfully delivered. Industry standard Website Designing, Development & Maintenance projects are executed & implemented. Various IT Support Projects, including Application & Mobile Development Projects, as well as, Cloud Integrations' projects are also actively worked on.
Wise Turtle Academy founders are ardent animal (dogs, cats, cattle, birds, wildlife) lovers and work actively for animal welfare, at least on the local front by contributing financially, as well as, by way of volunteering in various rescue missions, as per their capacity & capability. All this is achieved by collaborating with the local NGOs and coordinating with the district animal welfare & rescue authorities. Local veterinarians and qualified doctors play a huge role in this initiative. In line with this, we do offer basic animal management services, especially dogs, like vaccination ( anti-rabies, etc.. ) assistance, transportation assistance to qualified veterinarians or NGOs, walking, grooming & conducting animal behavioral or behavioural sessions & trainings. Do connect with us to know more about this initiative.

With industry veterans from various fields available near me and near you to deliver value-added educational Learning & Tutor support services in the areas of Greater Noida ( viz., Pari Chowk, Sectors Alpha 1/2, Alpha Commercial Belt, Beta 1/2, Gamma 1/2, Chi 1/2/3, Xu 1/2/3, Sigma 1/2/3, AWHO Societies, Zeta 1/2/3, Omicron 1/2/3, Knowledge Parks 1/2/3, Tughalpur Village, Jagat Farm, LG Chowk, Surajpur, Jaypee Greens, Edena, Unitech Habitat, Wipro Circle) (West), Delhi ( viz., South Delhi ( East of Kailash, Kailash Hills, Lajpat Nagar, Okhla Phase 1, 2, 3, Srinivaspuri, Kalkaji, Nehru Place, Sant Nagar ), North Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi), Noida ( viz., ATS Pristine, Sectors 150, 144, 148, 125, 78 ), Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Alwar (Rajasthan) , Jaipur (Rajasthan), Wise Turtle Academy, in every way is one of the best training, tutoring & learning institutes to connect with.

Wise Turtle Academy will indeed be delighted to hear back about your requirements and assure good quality Tutoring Services. A One-On-One Online Tutoring Consultation or a Private Tutor visit at your desired premises can be booked with us at absolutely nominal (only transportation) charges.

Wise Turtle Academy will ensure punctuality, utmost professionalism and full compliance to agreed Tutoring Visitation or Training Time windows. We strive to deliver satisfactory tutoring services with an indelible pedagogy imprint.
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