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Welcome to Wise Turtle Academy ! 

Wise Turtle Academy is a unique, go - to and dedicated team of experts for multi - modal delivery of educational, learning and training support services. We are not vendor aggregators. We believe in leveraging and banking upon our own competencies, capabilities and capacity. We strive earnestly to simplify, disseminate and accomplish well defined learning objectives, as well as, administer life skills development goals. We indeed simplify learning !

Wise Turtle Academy is an initiative by a team of industry veterans to deliver Quality Oriented, Value Driven and Contemporary Learning Support Services to the masses globally. All this is achieved through IT - Enabled Trainings, Coaching Classes, Training Classes, Open Workshops, Instructor Led Classroom Delivery, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Software Development Projects, Quality Management Drives, Psychological counselling, Admissions Guidance, Incubation Projects, Academic researches, Online Tuition Classes ( OTC ) and personal ( Private, Home ) Tuition  Classes ( HTC ).
These services are well accessible near your areas, internationallyCanada ( British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ) & Manitoba ( University of Manitoba ), Canada ( Ca ) ), Australia, Mexico, London, Singapore, Hong - Kong, United States ( Florida, Carolina, New Jersey, Washington ), United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Africas ( South Africa ), Netherlands, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Asia - Pacific ( APAC ), Americas (  AMER ), Europe, Warsaw, Poland, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, and, other geographies ). 
We even render services nationally, as well as, locally, across Greater Noida West, Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida Extension, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and whole of Delhi NCR region in one or the other formatsWe believe in value creation and value dissemination through various qualitative measures, means and approaches. Latter enable standard pedagogy to leverage and implement various contemporary delivery. All this is done within the governing scope of respective jurisdictions of various educational frameworks, bodies and regulators.
We do keep an eye upon the ever evolving developments and pedagogical movements happening within the learning & development ecosystem. We emphasize vehemently upon building competencies of our own coveted human resources, and, thus, lead to symbiotic outcomes for our society. This outcome facilitates uplifting the economic and non - economic conditions, as well as, the welfare of our human community and fraternity. In line with it, we strive to deploy requisite competent human resources at various prominent locations to deliver effective and seamless learning services.


This is achieved by leveraging various possible means, applications and approaches, including, managing AI enabled graphical modes, visually enticing learning formats, robust library archiving strategies, fast data retrieval objectives, as well as, rapid adoption and implementation of data informatics. Latter specifically apply Information Technology Enabled Services ( ITeS ) along with the general applications of modern ICT based advanced algorithmic tools, dynamic computing patterns, highly researched technologies, benchmarked engineering platforms and relevant CCT applications.

Wise Turtle Academy's learning support services near me and near you are highly customisable and can be tailor - made as per the requirements of the students and clients. We have been into Teaching, Tutoring, Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Consultancy Services for quite some time now. We have reasonable experience imparting effective and efficient Learning Support Services through our highly competent, qualified and experienced teaching experts, Tutors, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches & Mentors. 
Top tutors with good experience and adequate qualification deliver online & home tutoring, training, workshops, seminars and tuition services near me ( my ) and near your areas. In addition, Wise Turtle Academy has an umbrella of vocational courses to offer too. The following sections attempt to vividly portray the scope and reach of the Academy. With time the Academy will evolve further and more people connectedness would be accomplished. Do keep an eye upon the social engineering pages that go along with our Academy. 


One can indeed learn a lot about the field of education, as well as, about various academic oriented, vocation driven and career progression related opportunities, that keep surfacing up all the time throughout the journey of ever changing educational and pedagogical ecosystemDeveloping a well rounded personality, that comprises of both the physical and spiritual elements, as well as, their respective ascensions, within an individual should be the primary focus of the modern educational governance, its future direction and the ensuing frameworks' implementation. 


The team at Wise Turtle Academy is well aware of these elements and attempt to whole - heartedly address the heightened significance of the human connectedness during all its tutoring and learning interactions, as well as, during the course of the delivery of the related encompassing training engagements.

Wise Turtle Academy - Geographical Presence & Scope :
Services' Coverage - Greater Noida and Greater Noida West
, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
Core Areas :

Pari Chowk, Omaxe NRI City, Eldeco Greens, Unitech Habitat, Ace Infrastructure, Super Tech Czar Suites Omicron 1/2/3, IFS Society Villas Pari Chowk, SDS NRI Residency Pari Chowk, The Palms Pocket P 7, ATS Pristine, Jaypee Greens ( Sun Court 1, Crescent Court 3 ) Pari Chowk, Metro Line, Sectors Alpha 1, Alpha Commercial Belt, Beta 1, Mu 1, Alpha 2 Main Market, Mu 2, Ansals Golf Links, Eldeco Meadows, Mu 3, Paramount Golf Foreste Studio Apartment, Mu 4, Beta 2, Gama2, Shisham Estate Gama 1 ( Officer's Colony ), Kadamba Estate, Gamma 1 ( Pocket A Officer's Colony, Pocket B , C, D, E, F, G ), Omega 1, Eta 1, Gamma 2, Omega 2, Eta 2, Chi 1, Omega 3,Eta 3, Chi 2, Omega 4,
Chi 3, Eta 4, Xu 1, Phi 1, Xu 2, Phi 2, Xu 3, Sigma 1, Phi 3, Sigma 2, Jalvayu Vihar Society, Sigma 3, Army Welfare Housing Organisation AWHO Twin Towers Societies, CGEWHO, Gamma 2, Sigma 4, Zeta 1, Builder's Area P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, Eachhaar, Swarna Nagari ( Pockets A, B, C, D, E, F ), Phi 4, Zeta 2, Gautambudhnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Zeta 3, HIG Apartment Omicron 1, Chi 4, Xi 4, Zeta 4, Pi 1, Xu 4, Pi 2, Omicron 2, Ashiana Orchids, Pi 3, MSX Alpha Homes, Rail Vihar, Omicron 3, Pi 4, Swarna Nagri, Knowledge Park 1 ( KP 1 ) KP I, Pi 5, Rampur Jagir, Advocate's Colony, The King's Reserve, Purvanchal Heights, Site 1, Ecotech 1, Site 2, Ecotech 2, Site 3, Ecotech 3, Site 4, ATS Paradioso,
Ecotech 4, Site A, The Oasis, IFS Villas, Shivalik Residency, Site B, Oasis Venetia Heights, UPSIDC Site C, Uttar Pradesh, Stellar Mi Legacy, Site D, Silver City 1 2 3, Migsun Green Mansion, Site E, DesignArch, Site 5, Eachhaar, Site 6, Makora, Site 7, Knowledge Park 2 ( KP 2 ) KP II, Rail Colony, Jal Vayu Vihar, Knowledge Park 3 ( KP 3 ) KP III, Ashirwaad Apartments, Tughalpur Village, NTPC Colony, The Palms, Jagat Farm, Kulesra, Officer's Colony, NRI City 1 2 3, NRI Colony , LG Chowk, Surajpur, Kasna Village, Cherry County, Alistair Meadows, The Oasis, AVJ Heightss, ACE Platinum, Alpha Homes ), Greater Noida West ( Gaur City I - 1, Gaur City II - 2, Gaur Chowk ), Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Peripheral Areas - Inner :
Migsun Green Mansion, Stellar MI Legacy, Ratan Vihar, Defence Empire I, Tilpata Golchakkar, Devla, Village Tilpatta, UPSIDC Site C, Site F, Site G, Site H, Site I, Site J, Site K, Site L, Site M, Surajpur Industrial Area, Tata Enclave, Anand Ashray Complex, Chorisia Speciosa Estate, NHPC Society, CGEWHO Project, Kendriya Vihar, Nirman Kunj CPWD Society, Unitech Heights, Vrinda City Apartment, Shri Kripa Kunj, Icon Apartments, Adarsh Vihar Society, Ottoman Turkish Baklava, Green Noida Vertical Garden, Purvanchal Royal City Phase 1, Earthcon Casa Grande 2, Sampada Livia, Express Park View 1 2 Apartments, Durva Greens, Chuharpur Market, Lohiya Enclave, Red Building, Lal Building,
Omicron 1A Kali Building, Omicron 1B, Omicron 1C, Omicron 1D, Possession Office, Gautambudhnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Omaxe Orchid Avenue, Omaxe Society, EWS Society, Stellar MI Citihomes, Ropan, Eldeco Residency Greens, Cassia Estate Society, BSF Housing Society, Aichhar, Parsvnath Estate, Swarn Nagri ( Pockets A B C D E F G H I J K L ), Ambey Bharti Apartment, LG Cooperative Housing Society, Jamia Apartment, Khushboo Apartments, Khushboo Sahkari Awas Samiti, Sun Twilight Villas, Jyoti Kiran Society, White House Apartments, Unitech Cascades Apartment, Tower 1, Tower 15, Tower 18, Plumeria Garden Estate, Fairway Apartment Tower D, Nambardar Residence,
Ajju Prajapati Town, Anjana Welfare Society, Paradise Dream City, Defence Empire 2, Eden Golf Group, Victory Enclave, Shyam Enclave, Mahamaya Enclave, Royal Paradise, Prithvi Greens, Bhoomi Greens Phase 2, Shiv Enclave, Kartik Nagar, Himalaya Hi Tech City, Ajnara City, Galactic City, Ace City, Ace Divino, ATS Destinaire, Arihant Ambar, Flora Heritage, The Palm Valley, Akshardham Colony, Noor Colony, Vidyapati Nagar, Jalpura, Jamia Nagar Colony, Tusiana Village, Tusyana, Supertech, Amrapali West, Udyog Vihar, Brahmpur Rajraula, Nawada, Parsvnath Privilege, Gautambudhnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Peripheral Areas - Outer :
NTPC Society, Nirman Vihar, Techoma Estate, Cassia Fistula Estate, Rasoolpur Rai, Jaitpur Village, Ekanki Enclave ( Block G ), Vimal Sadan Society, Cassia Sigma, Sigma Group Housing Society, Chorosia Estate, Grand Forte, BSNL Society, Kyampur, Ecotech Extension 1, Migsun Ultimo Sun 3, Omaxe Palm Greens, KKS Homes, Ghodi Bachheda, Ghori Bachhera, MamaPikin Suya House, Ebony Estate, Austonia Estate, ATS Paradiso, Lagerstroemia Estate, Cassia Nodosa Estate, Chakrasia Estate, Himsagar Apartment, Mitra Enclave, Surajpur Site 4, Godrej Golf Links, Ansal Golf Links 1, Surajpur Site 1, Surajpur Site 2, Surajpur Site 3, Surajpur Site 4, Surajpur Site 5, Surajpur Site 6, Block A, Block B, Block C,
Block D, Block E, Block F, Block H, Block I, Block J, Block K, Block L, Block M, 1st Cross Street, 2nd Cross Street, 3rd Cross Street, Gautambudhnagar, Uttar Pradesh, 4th Cross Street, 5th Cross Street, 6th Cross Street, 7th Cross Street, 8th Cross Street, 9th Cross Street, 10th Cross Street, Service Road, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue,1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue, 8th Avenue, 9th Avenue, 10th Avenue, ATS Dolce, Amrapali Grand Apartment, Migsun Wynn, SKA Metro Ville, Cluster ETA 2, 1st Cross Avenue, 2nd Cross Avenue, 3rd Cross Avenue, 4th Cross Avenue, 5th Cross Avenue, 6th Cross Avenue,
7th Cross Avenue, 8th Cross Avenue, 9th Cross Avenue, 10th Cross Avenue, 11th Cross Avenue, Main Road, Tilpata Karanwas, Luharli, Ajayabpur, Eachachhar, Accher, Habibpur, Gujarpur, Jhatta, Gulavali, Malakpur, Judge Society, Amit Nagar, NTPC Anandam Society,  Purvanchal Silver City 2, Unitech Horizon, Alistonia Estate, Sector 34, Gulistanpur Village, Gulmohar Estate, Theta 1, Theta 2, Theta 3, Theta 4, Theta 5, Delhi Police Housing Society, Gaur Atulyam, Eldeco Mystic Greens, Palash Estate, Pocket 4, Khadar Ke Marhiya, Dadha, Sadar Tehsil, GNIDA BHS 16 Housing Scheme, Bironda, Haier Industrial Park, Sakipur, Makora, Tugalpur, NSG Society, Gurjinder Vihar.

Services' Coverage - International ( Overseas & Abroad )
Canada ( British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca ) & Manitoba ( University of Manitoba ), Canada ( Ca ) ), Australia, Mexico, London, Singapore, Hong-Kong, United States ( Florida, Carolina, New Jersey, Washington ), United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Africa ( South Africa ), Netherlands, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Asia-Pacific ( APAC ), Americas (  AMER ), Europe, Warsaw, Poland, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries.
Services' Coverage - Pan India ( Across India  - National )

Faridabad, Ghaziabad, New Delhi ( Kailash Hills, East of Kailash, Lajpat Nagar, Kalkaji, Okhla ( Phase - 1, 2, 3 ), Nehru Place, Hauz Khas, South Delhi ( East of Kailash, Kailash Hills, Lajpat Nagar, Okhla Phase 1, Okhla Phase 2, Okhla Phase 3, Srinivaspuri, Kalkaji, Nehru Place, Sant Nagar ), North Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi ), Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,

Secunderabad, Ahmedabad,
Alwar ( Rajasthan ), Jaipur ( Rajasthan ), Gurugram, New Delhi, Greater Noida West, Telangana, Bhopal, Gandhinagar, Lucknow, Shimla, Mangalore, 
Chennai, Noida ( viz., ATS Pristine, Sector 150, Sector 144, Sector 148, Sector 125, Sector 76 Metro Station, Aditya Urban Casa Towers A B CD E F G H I J K L, Sector 78, Mahagun Moderne, Sports City, Hyde Park, Amrapali Princely Estate, Mahagun Mirabella, Civitech Stadia, Sectors 36, 37, 76, 77, 79, 80, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 78 ) and other locations.

Wise Turtle Academy takes up different Training, School Tutoring, College Lessons, Teaching, Coaching, Workshops, Seminar assignments for all school boards near me and near you, viz., Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ICSE, International Baccalaureate IB, International General Certificate of Secondary Education IGCSE, National Institute of Open Schooling NIOS, Indira Gandhi National Open University IGNOU,

We expand our learning delivery for even other states' boards, including, but not limited to, Rajasthan Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, Distance Education, Correspondence Courses, Patrachaar Students, Part - Time Courses, Evening Courses, Weekend Courses, Private Students & other State Boards of Education.

Above mentioned Colleges, Universities and State School Boards relate to common School Classes, viz., Class 1st ( 1 / I ), 2nd ( 2 / II ), 3rd ( 3 / III ), 4th ( 4 / IV ), 5th ( 5 / V ), 6th ( 6 / VI ), 7th ( 7 / VII ), 8th ( 8 / VIII ), 9th ( 9 / IX ), 10th ( 10 / X ), 11th ( 11 / XI ), 12th ( 12 / XII ) and include following primary Subjects, viz., Electronics Technology ( ET ) ,  Electrical Technology ( ET ) , Multi Media ( MM ) ,  GeoSpatial Technology ( GT )Automotive Technology, and Homeopathy Pharmacy Tuitions.

Researches are done on cross functional disciplines too, like, Typography and Computer Applications ( TCA ) StenographyShorthand EnglishInformation Technology ( IT ), Allopathy Pharmacy Tutors, Data Science ( DS )Mass Media Studies ( MMS ),  Web Application ( Web App ), Ayurveda Pharmacy Classes,  Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), Mongo DB & NOSQL Databases, etc..
We also cover secondary subjects that are highly important from an academic perspective, viz., National Cadet Corps ( NCC )Fashion Studies, Veterinary Pharmacy Teachers,  Biotechnology, BioInformatics, EntrepreneurshipSocial Science, Environmental Science, General Science, Political Science, SST Classes, Psychology, Engineering Maths, History, Civics, Geography, Earth Science, Geology, Law ( LLB ), Economics ( Microeconomics, Macroeconomics ), Management, Commerce, Social Studies - SST, Humanities ( Psychology, Legal Studies, Yoga ), Accountancy, Humanities, etc..
We encompass even computing oriented tertiary disciplines, viz.,  Computer Science, Coding, Arts, Computer Programming, Hindi, Perl Coding, Coding Projects, Robotics & Process Automations, Robotics Framework, Robocorp Automations, Python Programming ( Python Scripting, Python Coding , Python - Selenium Integrations & Python Automations ), C Programming Computer Language, C++ ( C ++ ) Programming Computer Language, Sanskrit

Even learning support is extended for 
Graphics Designing & Development, Animation Development, Computer Games Coding & Development, SQL Programming, 
Library & Information Science ( LIS ), Informatics Practices IP , Computers & Communication Technology ( CCT ) , PLSQL Coding & PLSQL Programming, MySQL Databases, etc..
Quarternary subjects of academic importance that we encompass are Applied Maths, Applied Mathematics, Home ScienceEnglish, Physics, Chemistry ( Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry ), Biology, Botany, Zoology, General Knowledge, Arts & Crafts, Drawing & Painting, Painting WorkshopsBusiness Studies, Sociology, Legal Studies, Human Rights & Gender Studies ( HRGS ), Knowledge Traditions & Practices Of India ( KTPI ), Jurisprudence 1 Law ( Legal Theory ) ( LLB ) , Haematology & Bio-Chemistry Lessons, etc..  

Wise Turtle Academy offers it's well - designed, well - tested tutoring services' pedagogy with reasonable pricing options near me and near you. All this ranges right from School and College levels ( via Home Tutors, Online Tutors, Home Tuition Classes, Online Tuition Classes, Blended Tutors, Trainers, Homework Assistance, Doubt Clarifications, Assessments, Tests, etc., ), through professional trainings pertaining to advanced communication skills, body language analysis & development, and, regular practice sessions.

On top of it, learning of foreign languages ( French Language, Spanish Language, German Language ) for international communication are well focused upon
 These languages could be employed through our guides and experts who render related translation services within reasonable budgets. 
We help in Learning & Delivering English ( Basic English Speaking, Spoken English, English Comprehension, Written English, English Accent Trainings, English Classes in British Columbia ( BC ) - Canada ( Ca ), English Phonetics Training, English Linguistics, English Vocabulary Development, Advanced & Modern English Grammar, Classical & Modern English Poetry, English Precis Writing, English Extempore Delivery Skills, Group Discussions in English, Comprehending English Literature), English Debates' Skills' Development, English Extempore Learning & Development, etc..
Additionally, we at Wise Turtle Academy, offer value driven IT Technical Trainings, Non-IT Technical Trainings, Non-Technical Trainings, Corporate Trainings, Computer Programming & Training, Pharmacy Subjects' Tuition, National Level Competitive Entrance Exams' Preparation Assistance, viz., Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mathematical & Logical Data Interpretation, Aptitude & Interview Skills Development Support Assistance.
Even Tuitions, Tutors, Teachers & Coaching support are aligned to cater to contemporary Entrance Exams' Coaching & Tuition, encompassing, Medical NEET and Engineering Entrance IIT - JEE, IPMAT ( Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test ), Combined Aptitude Test ( CAT ), Management Aptitude Test ( MAT ), Management Entrance Exams' Coaching & Tuition, Hotel Management Entrance Exams Coaching & Tuitions ( NHMCT Entrance Exams ), Engineering Diploma Level Polytechnic Entrance Exams Preparations ( Common Admission Test CAT , Joint Admission Test JAT ). 

We have been doling out strong and proven learning support for our international students and foreign clients ( including British Columbia ( BC )
near me in Canada ( Ca ) and other locations ), encompassing, a few primary academic subjects, viz., General Science ( Science Tutors near me in British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca )  ), Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Mathematics ( Mathematics Tutors near me in British Columbia ( BC ), Canada ( Ca )  )Environmental Science and Life Sciences - Biology ( Anatomy & Physiology ).

Even international subjects related to Computer Science & Computer Studies, Specialized Sciences ( Astronomy & Fisheries ), Earth Sciences, etc. are well imparted. This support covers
 all levels and ages right from Kindergarten through School Classes and Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 th. 
Once again, to reiterate, the first list of common primary academic subjects, as well as training subjects being imparted and delivered near me and near you are, viz., Electronics Technology ( ET )Haematology & Bio-Chemistry Tutorials, Electrical Technology ( ET ), Applied Mathematics, Multi Media ( MM )GeoSpatial Technology ( GT ), Yoga Studies, Computer Studies, Typography and Computer Applications ( TCA ), Computers & Communication Technology ( CCT ) and Human Rights & Gender Studies ( HRGS ),

The second list of primary study disciplines are Applied Maths, 
Knowledge Traditions & Practices Of India ( KTPI ), Legal Sciences, Library & Information Science (  LIS ) , Biotechnology,   EntrepreneurshipLegal StudiesBusiness Studies, Python Coding Workshops, Fashion StudiesPhysics, Summer Coding Camps, Chemistry - Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Winter Coding Camps, Biology, Coding Workshops,

The first list of secondary learning disciplines are, viz., Botany,  Zoology, Painting Workshops, Economics - Micro-economics & Macro-economics ( Eco ), Arts Workshops, Psychology, Jurisprudence 1 Law ( Legal Theory ) ( LLB )Political Science ( Pol Science ) Classes, History Classes, Crafts Workshops, Civics, Geography, Python Coding Bootcamps, HindiDrawing Workshops, Automotive Technology, Political Studies, Shorthand English

The second list of secondary academic subjects include, 
Arts & Crafts Classes, English Classes, Sanskrit Classes, Spring Programming & Coding Workshops, Computer Science & Engineering CSE, Summer Programming Workshops , Informatics Practices , Computer Coding & Scripting, Computer Programming Languages, Programming & Coding Bootcamps, Information Technology IT

Additional list of tertiary but equally important academic subjects are, viz., EVS Environmental Sciences, Commerce, Applied Mathematics, Financial Accountancy, Engineering Mathematics, National Cadet Corps ( NCC )Mass Media Studies ( MMS ), Web Application ( Web App ), Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), Data Science (DS)Engineering Drawing, Information Technology ( IT ) , Drawing & Painting Classes, Sociology Classes. 

IIT - JEE & NEET entrance examination preparations are also conducted in batches for serious students & clients. Even we coach students & prepare candidates aspiring for premier Law institutions for LLB ( Bachelor of Laws - Legum Baccalaureus , Law Jurisprudence Studies 1 & 2 ) level courses from global universities and top colleges ( through Common Law Admission Test or CLAT Entrance Exam ). 

Wise Turtle Academy as part of its educational approaches and learning oriented researches have established robust pedagogical study systems. Our academy covers different universities and colleges study support, encompassing, ITI level, polytechnic level tutoring & Coaching assignments near me and near you.

These assignments relate to various disciplines, including, but not limited to
Engineering ( Polytechnics, ITIs, BE, BTech, ME, MTech ), Management ( BBA, MBA, Management Studies ), Pharmacy ( Allopathy, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy  Pharmacies or Pharmacy ), Law ( LLB - Bachelor of Legislative Laws - Various Semesters & Years Tutoring Support, Jurisprudence Law Studies , Legal Studies LS ) , etc.,.

A few advanced and research oriented Subjects are Operations Research, Marketing Research, Statistics, Probability, Decision Support systems, Business Processes Re-engineering, Autonomics Based Automations, Distributed Computing, Relational & Non - Relational Distributed Databases ( viz., Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, SQL, PL-SQL, Cassandra, NOSQL, MongoDB, etc. ), Finance, Marketing & Human Resources disciplines ). Wise Turtle Academy does offer niche IT Information Technology trainings, private trainers and consultancy services.

Some of the trainings relate to contemporary common
programming ( coding languages, tools ) like Python, Perl, Java, Linux, Unix, Power-Shell, Node.Js, Vue.js, Selenium, Windows, Linux / Unix Bash Shell Scripting, C, C++, Pascal, Angular.js, React,js, Java Spring Frameworks ( Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring MVC ), Hibernate, Neural Networks, Supervised Learning Algorithms, Unsupervised Learning Algorithms, Data Structures & Algorithms, Jupiter Labs, Visual Basic for Applications ( VBA ), CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, IT Networking, etc..

Technical trainings around common cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) Cloud, Google Cloud Platforms ( GCP ), Microsoft Azure Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Dev - Ops are also delivered. Our IT trainers are quite competent, experienced and have hands-on knowledge about the dynamic Information Technology IT landscape. Wise Turtle Academy also covers & offers expert trainers, trainings & consultancy services near me and near you related to automation tools and technologies, including, Robotics & Process Automation ( RPA ). 

Latter includes, viz, Blue Prism RPA, UIpath RPA, AA Automation Anywhere RPA, 1Desk RPA & IT Autonomics, Robo Corp ( RPA Frameworks , RPA Selenium & Python Framework based data Integrations & Projects ) , Amelia ChatBots & Cognitive Automations, Speech Recognition Engines' ( Alexa, Google, IBM Watson, etc.. ) Frameworks' Implementations, Natural Language Processing - NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Automated Testing Frameworks, 1RPA, IPsoft's IPcenter or IPcentre & IPautomata based IT Autonomics frameworks, etc..

On the Digital Marketing & Transformation front, various Internet search engines, viz., Google, Yahoo, Bing are quite effectively & efficiently optimised or optimized, i.e., advanced Search Engine Optimisations or Optimizations ( SEO ) are carried out via rigorous research & development. Additionally, aggressive Digital Marketing campaigns through various evolving modern digital marketing platforms & tools, viz., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) are successfully executed.

Industry benchmarked and standard
Website Designing, Web Development & Web Maintenance projects are well executed & implemented within agreed timelines. Various IT, ICT, python coding, data science and CCT Support Projects, including Web Application & Mobile Development Projects, as well as, Cloud Integration projects ( AWS, Azure, Oracle, GCP, SAS, Salesforce, etc., ) are quite actively worked on. Wise Turtle Academy
, thus, in every which way is one of the best training, tutoring & learning educational institutes to connect with.
Wise Turtle Academy founders are ardent animal (
 dogs, cats, cattle, birds, fauna, flora and wildlife ) lovers. They work actively for animal welfare and rescue operations at various levels, especially on the local front by contributing financially, as well as, by way of volunteering in various rescue missions, as per their capacity & capability. All this is achieved by collaborating with the local NGOs and coordinating with the district animal welfare & rescue authorities. Local veterinarians and qualified doctors play a huge role in this initiative.
In line with this vision, we at Wise Turtle Academy do offer basic animal management and welfare services. Latter encompass medical aids, emergency services, coordination activities ( with animal experts and legally qualified animal doctors ), vaccinations' ( anti - rabies, parvo virus, etc.. ) assistance, transportation assistance to qualified veterinarians or NGOs, walking, grooming & conducting animal behavioral or behavioural sessions, as well as trainings. Do connect with us to know more about this parallel and noble initiative.

With industry veterans from various educational fields available to deliver value - added educational Learning, Training, Tuition & Tutor support services, we can focus well on the areas near me in Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh ( viz., Pari Chowk, Sectors Alpha 1 / 2, Alpha Commercial Belt, Beta 1 / 2, Gamma 1 / 2, Chi 1 / 2 / 3, Xu 1 / 2 / 3, Sigma 1 / 2 / 3, AWHO Societies, Zeta 1 / 2 /
3, Omicron 1 / 2 / 3, Knowledge Parks 1 / 2 / 3, Tughalpur Village, Jagat Farm, LG Chowk, Surajpur, Jaypee Greens, Edena, Unitech Habitat, Wipro Circle ) ( West ), and more.

Even nearby areas within Delhi NCR, like Delhi ( viz., South Delhi ( Ea
st of Kailash, Blocks A B C D E F G H I J K L, Kailash Hills, Lajpat Nagar, Okhla Phase 1, 2, 3, Srinivaspuri, Kalkaji, Nehru Place, Govind Puri, Sant Nagar ), North Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi - Mayur Vihar Phase 1 , 2 , 3 ), Noida ( viz., ATS Pristine, Sectors 150, 144, 148, 125, 78 ), Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Alwar ( Rajasthan ) , Jaipur ( Rajasthan ), fall well within the ambit of learning and training support services. 

Wise Turtle Academy will indeed be delighted to hear back about your learning requirements and assure you of qualitative Tutoring Services. A One - On - One Online Tutoring Consultation or a Private Home Tutor visit at your desired premises can be booked with us at absolutely nominal ( only to and fro transportation ) charge.

Wise Turtle Academy will ensure punctuality, utmost professionalism and full compliance to mutually agreed Tutoring Visitation or Training Time windows. Through indelible pedagogy imprints, we will strive vehemently to deliver satisfactory learning & development services.
Please do explore our various other learning services listed under the web page Book Our Services. We are available round the clock and can always be reached through our Contact Us or Facebook web pages. 
Looking forward to connecting with you !
Wise Turtle Academy !


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